Effective Make-up and Beauty Tips: Do’s and Dont’s, Avoid These Most Common Mistakes!

With the amount of importance given to make-up these days, many women just tend to do a bit too much. Getting the right make-up for a particular occasion is the call of entire womanhood. But beauty shouldn’t be misinterpreted as just carrying a beautiful face. An overall healthy body reflects eternal beauty which one should be longing for. The idea is to look younger and FEEL YOUNGER.

Here are some precious makeup Do’s and Don’ts that one should know very well before applying makeup.

* Always apply make-up where there is adequate light on your face. Improper light can lead to a horrible look. Yellow light compliments your skin the most.

* Don’t go for a colorful eye shadow as a base. Also, apply eyeliner close to the base of the eyelashes to make them look thicker.

* Always test the color of the foundation or concealer on the inside of your wrist. That’s the place that will give you a good idea of how it is going to look on your face.

* Do apply concealer before applying eyeliner on dark circles under your eyes. Generally, women directly apply eyeliner which instead makes their eyes look too dark. Read more eye care tips at http://www.weightloss-health.com/Eye_Care_Tips.htm

* First apply moisturizer and after about 20 minutes, start putting on your make-up.

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