How to Lose Weight Understanding Motivation and Method

When we want to lose weight something has sparked an idea of change within us and created motivation to do something, be something different from before. It does not matter what this is, it could be the start of a new year or a comment from another that hits home and causes us to re-evaluate, either way motivation is sparked within us and it is this motivation that is the key to success.

After motivation has been sparked we choose a method by which we will lose the weight and in truth it does not matter what this is as all methods of weight loss work. It may be exercise or a diet of a certain kind, it may be slimming pills or weight watchers, all work when the motivation is right.

So the key to successful weight loss is not in the method but in the motivation and that is an internal mind shift that we must all make to create and maintain change. So how can create and maintain the motivation needed? Here a some essential steps:

1. Create a goal with the weight you want to be and by when

2. Create a plan to achieve that goal: create the steps along the way

3. Decide how you will measure your success along the way

4. Reward yourself at each step of the way

5. Imagine how it will feel to achieve your goal, write this down and take 10 minutes a day to feel those feelings of success.

Now with a plan and a goal for your mind to work with you are on your way but to we must be realistic and recognise that your motivation will ebb and flow along the journey and if it does then double the time your take using the list of feelings you created when you imagined having the goal. By focusing more on how it will feel to have created your goal you reinforce the motivation, allowing you to continue along the path to success.

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Source by David C Marshall

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