P90X Review – Power 90 Extreme Home Fitness Routine That Works

The P90X, aka Power 90 Extreme, promises to give users ripped muscles in a matter of 3 months. The secret is an advanced training technique known as Muscle Confusion in which results are accelerated by constantly doing new routines and new moves so that the body never reaches any sort of muscle-building plateau.

The brainchild of Tony Horton, P90X is a complete workout program made up of 12 intense body-building exercises detailed throughout 12 DVDs designed for a complete, proportional, full-body workout that builds muscles fast. It also includes a full three-phase diet plan, specifically chosen supplement choices, a comprehensive guide to physical fitness, a progress tracking calendar, and even peer online support.

The 12 DVDs each contain exercises targeting a certain region of the body, with some different cardiovascular workout and stretching methods included as well. This is what’s on each of the P90X DVDs:

1. Chest and Back

2. Plyometrics (cardio routine involving jumping)

3. Shoulders & Arms

4. Yoga X

5. Legs & Back

6. Kenpo X

7. X Stretch

8. Core Synergistics

9. Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps

10. Back & Biceps

11. Cardio X

12. Ab Ripper X

The P90X 3-Phase Nutrition Plan was made to give you high levels of energy while helping you to burn away fat. The P90X Fitness Guide was made to help you receive the greatest benefits out of using the program; sort of a supplement to what you learn in the 12 DVDs. Tony has also put together a video called “How to Bring It” in which he gives you a full overview of the entire P90X Extreme Home Fitness training program.

The P90X Workout Calendar lets you set your own goals and personally track how you’re progressing in achieving them. The P90X system also comes with a variety of free online support resources, such as access to experts in fitness, motivation

If peer evaluations are any indication, already P90X has over 2,000 Facebook fans.

The P90X workout system does not include resistance bands, which is necessary to use the system, but when you place your order you get offered a discount on purchasing them. Beyond that, all you need is a space to work out.

This $600 value is currently being offered for three $40 monthly payments, and it comes with a 100% satisfaction 90-day money-back guarantee.

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