Really Good Weight Loss Tips!

Who else is just putting the final touches on their New Year’s resolution to get back that beach body they’ve long ago lost? If you are anything like I used to be, the holidays bring fun, family, friends and fattening food…..and then the proverbial plans to get rid of that extra padding shortly thereafter, right?

It’s true….this is the #1 time of year for diets, with more and more people getting started on a weight loss program this week ( Jan 1) then every other month throughout the year combined! With this in mind, let’s give our regular readers ( and the new ones too!) some simple, straightforward and successful strategies to finally make 2009 the year you reclaim your beautiful body once and for all.

– Window (un) Dressing

Yes, it hurts to see….but I always recommend you get a really good view of what you are trying to fix, before you fix it! Stand in the mirror, and yes, take off all of those clothes. Turn around from side to side and soak it all in..:-) What needs to stay, and what needs to go, becomes very readily apparent, and if you are a realist like me, this is often the very first step in understanding just how much you do need to get your weight under control.

– Find the Motivation

We’ve written many articles on just this topic alone, and it’s an important one. Dig deep, find it in family, friends, career, grand kids, marriage or just simply your own mind, body and spiritual connection to self. A beautiful body is far more than a showpiece for vanity. It is the foundation from which the rest of you shines through. A healthy, fit (and fabulous!) body serves you in many ways, and getting yours back, is going to remind you of that for sure.

– Pick the Proper Program

We love, advocate for and recommend Medifast. I’d love you to join us, and think if you do you’ll have sensational success! But regardless of what program you go with, picking one that is proven, has documented results, is safe and doctor recommended, and is nutrient complete is paramount! No more fads or other nefarious nonsense in 2009…..this is the year you get back the body you deserve, and the first step is saying “YES” to a real diet that works!

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