Reboot Theories That Could Come True + Why

After years off the air, “Degrassi” is being rebooted on


in 2023.

The series has run on and off since 1979, resulting in over 500 episodes across the various iterations, which has given fans plenty of material to draw from when speculating what the streamer’s 10-episode season will be like.

Read on for some theories that could potentially come true on the reboot.

The reboot may start with a massive promo campaign

In 2010, “Degrassi” released its “Shark in the Water” promo ahead of the season-10 premiere, and fans have already started posting about how eager they are for a similar large-scale campaign for the reboot.

One tweet from user @himboni, which has over 28,000 likes at the time of publishing, read, “If HBO doesn’t do shark in the water level promos for degrassi they’re missing out in a HUGE opportunity.”

VV Brown, the singer of the “Shark in the Water” song, even tweeted that she “would love to create a new version” for the reboot, adding, “I’m gonna get on the folks” with a heart emoji.

The actors playing the students could be teenagers themselves

“Degrassi” has a history of purposefully casting teenagers as teenagers to have a realistic-looking cast.

Some fans have tweeted that they’re hoping the reboot will continue this trend. But others have mentioned HBO tends to cast adults in teen roles — one fan called this “the euphoria treatment”  since many of the high-school-age characters on “Euphoria” are played by older actors.

No casting decisions for the reboot have been announced yet.

Actors from various generations of ‘Degrassi’ may return

screengrab of paige on an early episode of degrassi


Lauren Collins on “Degrassi: The Next Generation.”

Epitome Pictures

Plenty of actors from previous seasons of “Degrassi” have shown their support for the reboot online — and all their chatter has fans speculating over who might return.

Lauren Collins, who played Paige Michalchuk on “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” quote-tweeted the reboot news from Deadline and wrote, “If any streamers are interested in the pilot I wrote about this exact moment in my life, it’s available!!” with multiple emojis.

Her costar, Daniel Clark, who played Sean Cameron, quote-tweeted the reboot announcement from The Hollywood Reporter, writing, “It’s official.”

Annie Clark, who played Fiona Coyne on “Degrassi,” replied to a fan on Twitter speculating about her character appearing on the reboot, writing, “Girl, you would absolutely be the first to know.”

Other former stars commented on the franchise’s official Instagram account’s announcement post.

“Degrassi: Next Class” actor Amanda Arcuri, who played Lola Pacini, commented, “Break all the legs!!!” with a black heart emoji.

Her costar, Chelsea Clark, who played Esme Song, commented, “IT LIVES ON.”

Soma Chhaya Bhatia, who played Goldi Nahir on “Next Class” even commented asking about her character’s future, writing, “So do Goldi & Winston end up together or what?!!?”

Spike, Snake, Joey, and Caitlin from “Degrassi High” were recurring characters on “Next Generation,” so having some of these fan favorites return isn’t unprecedented within the franchise.

Social media will likely be a big part of the show

Students on previous generations of “Degrassi” used knockoff versions of real-life social-media platforms, including Facerange, Hastygram, and Oomfchat.



-era of the show, “Next Class,” even included hashtags in all the episode titles, like “#OMFG” and “#Unsubscribe.”

Given that social media hasn’t slowed down in the real world, we’ll likely see more of that on the reboot.

Some of the new characters may be the children of previous ‘Degrassi’ couples

eli and clare in class on degrassi


Eli and Clare were a fan-favorite couple on “Degrassi.”

Epitome Pictures

“Degrassi” has a history of introducing new characters who are family members of beloved ones.

The main character on season one of “Next Generation,” Emma Nelson, is the daughter of Spike Nelson from “Degrassi High.”

Emma was born between the second and third seasons of the earlier show, and if the reboot continues this trend, there are a number of children who could lead the cast, including JT and Liberty’s child, KC and Jenna’s son, or even Spike and Snake’s son.

The show could also include the theoretical children of fan-favorite couples, such as Clare and Eli.

Spinner and Emma, who got married in the TV Movie “Degrassi Takes Manhattan,” were confirmed to still be together during “Next Class,” so they could also potentially be parents of a new “Degrassi” student.

Degrassi Community School will probably look different

degrassi logo in front of the school at the end of the opening credits


Degrassi Community School has been the main set of past series.

Epitome Pictures

When “Next Class” ended in 2019, some main set and prop pieces from the show were auctioned off.

Because of this, the reboot will have to find ways to recreate or reimagine essential pieces of the set, including Degrassi Community School itself.

The students might have a new favorite hangout spot 

Degrassi students are usually shown gathering at one main place throughout each season — on “Next Generation,” it was The Dot, and on “Next Class,” it was Lola’s Cantina.

The reboot will likely think up a new hangout spot for the students.

Given that Spinner worked at The Dot throughout the series, some fans have also suggested that he should be the owner of whatever it ends up being on the reboot.

Drake may be involved

jimmy brooks playing basketball in his wheelchair on degrassi


Aubrey Graham on “Degrassi.”

Epitome Pictures

Drake, better known then as Aubrey Graham, played Jimmy Brooks on “Next Generation.”

In 2018, he paid tribute to his eight-season run on the show with his “I’m Upset” music video, which included plenty of other “Degrassi” stars returning to the set.

Given his history with the series, and the fact that he’s an executive producer on HBO’s “Euphoria,” people are already speculating about him reprising his role or being otherwise involved with the reboot.

The show’s popular theme song may be recreated

Each episode of “Next Generation” and “Next Class” opened with some iteration of the song “Whatever It Takes,” which was written for the show.

“Degrassi” viewers are already wondering if the reboot will create yet another version of this theme or switch the song entirely, as the franchise did between “Degrassi High” and “Next Generation.”

There might be a new student band at Degrassi 

spinner playing the drums on degrassi with the studz


Shane Kippel on “Degrassi.”

Epitome Pictures

On past iterations of “Degrassi,” there were several students bands that ended up playing at school events.

The first was The Zit Remedy on “Degrassi High,” which featured Joey, Wheels, and Snake (who later became Principal Simpson).

On “Next Generation,” there was Downtown Sasquatch, Paige Michalchuk and the Sex Kittens (later rebranded as PMS and Hell Hath No Fury), Stüdz, and WhisperHug.

Maya’s unnamed band was also part of “Next Class.” Given the trend, it’s likely the reboot will feature at least one new band.

A fan on Twitter even suggested the ambitious idea of reviving all the past “Degrassi” bands for a major battle-of-the-bands plotline.

Former endgame couples may have broken up 

jay officiating spinner and emma's wedding in degrassi takes manhattan


A lot of fans were divided over Spinner and Emma’s wedding.

Epitome Pictures

The reboot may need to find ways to separate couples that ended up together on “Next Generation” and “Next Class” if the writers are looking to explore new romantic plotlines — or if certain actors turn down roles on the reboot.

This will give the creators a chance to potentially retcon some less-popular, last-minute pairings, such as Spinner and Emma.

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