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The Best Exercises and Movement for Obesity

While trying to lose weight, combatting obesity with exercise is far easier said than done. For most people suffering from obesity, exercising can be tiring,  painful, and emotionally exhausting.

At OnTrack, our team is experienced in helping people lose weight, and our Trainers specialise in assisting you with the right exercises based on your current fitness and physical ability and most importantly working with current injuries or assisting with pain management through movement.

Getting started is one of the hardest parts of beating obesity. Instead of falling into the trap of avoiding physical activity, it’s a matter of finding a form of exercise that you like to do and being shown the correct technique and adjustments made to suit your physical ability and aid in pain management.

Give some of the following workouts a try.

Personal Training/fitness coach

If you lack the motivation to get fit, a one-on-one personal trainer will help fire up your enthusiasm and help motivate you and keep you motivated. A personal trainer can show you the safest and most effective ways to burn calories, allowing you to become more confident when it comes to exercising.

Still not convinced that you’re the right fit for one-on-one personal training? Before you dismiss it entirely, keep these additional benefits in mind:

  • Tailored workouts – Rather than trying to keep up with a generic exercise plan, a personal trainer can adapt each workout to suit your unique level of fitness and physical ability.
  • Clearly defined fitness goals –  Personal trainers work with their clients to establish a realistic target goal, for your health and fitness, allowing for increased motivation.
  • Greater accountability – Skipping a workout is a lot harder when someone is waiting on you.


Yoga & Pilates is quite scalable in terms of difficulty. Suffering from Obesity can restrict your range of movement, but stretching out your muscles will help you become more mobile. If you’re worried about not being able to keep up with a yoga class, adjust each pose to suit your abilities. At OnTrack Retreats you will be guided through the pose adjustment process during our Yoga class.

You may struggle with some of the balanced-based poses at first, but don’t let that discourage you. Regardless of weight, many people find yoga a little tricky at first. Also, be sure to stop if something hurts or doesn’t feel quite right. Over time, Yoga and Pilates will aid in making other exercises less challenging due to increased flexibility & core strength.

Water Aerobics/Aqua Fitness

One of the most difficult aspects of exercising while obese is the ever-present pain and risk of pain and injury. It’s not uncommon for obese to struggle with pain in their knees, hips, ankles, and back, simply because these areas absorb the most impact during physical movement. Obesity simply puts more pressure on your bones than they are built to handle so that even gentle exercises like walking can lead to discomfort.

This is where water aerobics/aqua fitness can come in handy. Designed especially for people who experience problems with their joints and mobility, water-based exercise is one of the safest forms of exercise. It might not look that hard, but by using the water as a form of natural resistance, staying afloat requires a lot of energy.

Water aerobics/Aqua fitness can improve the following aspects of your fitness:

  • Cardiovascular stamina
  • Muscle strength
  • Joint mobility
  • Circulation

If water aerobics/aqua fitness sounds like something you’d enjoy, this exercise is available at the OnTrack Retreat Weight Loss & Wellness Retreat.


Adding just a 30-minute stroll to your daily routine is one of the easiest things you can do to lose weight. Apart from burning fat, studies have found that going for a brisk walk can also boost your mood. Exercising releases endorphins, a kind of happy hormone that helps to regulate your emotions. If you tend to take the edge off a stressful day by eating a chocolate bar, simply go for a walk instead. You’ll feel better both physically and emotionally.

We know that a busy schedule can make it hard to exercise every day. Try walking to work if you’re short on time, or if you need to drive, simply park a little further away from your office than usual. You can also go for a stroll during your lunch break, or simply get off the bus a few stops early. Every little bit helps.

For those suffering from severe obesity, the thought of a brisk pace is unimaginable due to pain! Ten-minute bursts of movement at a pace that is manageable with aids such as walkers or even a walk around a shopping center with a shopping trolly is a great way to support your weight while exercising. Have rests often followed by bursts of walking, slowly you will be walking for longer with fewer rest.

Increase the Oxygen

Did you know the more oxygen you have in your blood the faster your metabolism will be?   It’s true – getting more oxygen (through good breathing techniques or oxygen therapy) enables your body to burn fat faster than it otherwise would. This means you get more bang for your ‘buck’ when you exercise.

Proper oxygen levels are just as important as the exercise itself when you’re attempting to burn fat and lose those stubborn kilos. Increasing your oxygen levels will also leave you feeling more energetic and less hungry (it suppresses your appetite). It can even help with stress, sleeping problems, and your sex life.

Deep, breathing exercises can increase your oxygen intake even when done for just 1-2 minutes this type of exercises is known as pranayama and is usually associated with yoga.   The practice of pranayama is simple and can be easily integrated into your daily routine at home.

Getting started is one of the hardest parts of beating obesity. Instead of falling into the trap of avoiding physical activity, it’s simply a matter of finding a form of exercise that you feel comfortable with. If you need help with taking that first step, Contact OnTrack Retreats today.

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