The Ultimate Candida And Elimination Diet Suggestions For A Skinny Person!

Candida and Leaky Gut have been connected to the majority of issues people experience every day. Anything from headaches, bloating and weight gain to severe sinusitus and it is even linked to asthma!

Thankfully there is a diet that can be followed that in most cases will allow for a recovery from the a Candida related condition.

The issue with this diet is that it is highly restrictive on calories coming from carbohydrates. Some people such as myself need to follow a diet like this to avoid the symptoms, at the same time I’m shrinking away and losing weight every week when I follow it to a tee. In fact I argue if the complete sugar/carb reduced diets some people with Candida and leaky gut follow are even worthwhile.

People like myself being quite lean, have difficulty putting on weight are called Ectomorphs. We require a greater amount of calories on a daily basis. The different body types are in simple terms Ectomorphs, Mesomorphs and Endomorphs. Endomorphs tend to always be looking for the next best weight loss diet as their body type holds onto fat and they can gain weight in fat quite easily. Mesomorphs are somewhere in between they put on fat not quite as easily as Endomorphs but the also can have a difficult time getting rid of it entirely. Then there are Ectomorphs like myself who could eat the entire worlds supply of bread and still not gain a pound. So for an Ectomorph their diet requires high intakes of carbohydrates to maintain their bodies high calorie needs, otherwise weight loss occurs much like how an Endomorph can gain fat by just thinking of food. So low calorie dieting for an Ectomorph would seem to be a ridiculous idea. Although in the case of diets such as a Candida diet where the objective is to eliminate sugars and carbs to kill off the overabundance of bad bacteria this is exactly what the person does.

This is where the balancing act comes into play. On one end you have an individual suffering from a Candida overgrowth with a need to reduce carbs and eliminate sugars. At the same time if this individual is to drop out too many carbohydrates they put their body in jeopardy as their own health and energy is compromised. As an ectomorph I’ve had the experience of dropping out my carbohydrates and sugars while following a Candida protocol only to find myself feeling even worse and losing weight quickly, a majority of which was muscle mass. This wasn’t the result of a healing crisis. This was a food crisis! I was chronically fatigued even worse than before, so when someone suggested that I’d gone off the other end and now was experiencing fatigue due to a lack of carbohydrates I decided to boost up my carbohydrate intake again and the symptoms went away. Any diet can be modified, nothing is carved in stone.

My whole point is that even a Candida diet protocol isn’t an end all be all for everyone. Every “Body” is different, and regardless of what the goal is that should never be forgotten. Eliminating sugars is definetely a necessity as Bacteria in the presence of sugar has been shown to rapidly develop up to 200x faster! At the same time, your carbohydrate intake should remain stable! Not all carbs are bad! Just eat the right ones. Keep up the Brown rice and eat more Quinoa. I know some people say that brown rice should only be eaten in moderation, but I say if you have a very high metabolism then NO. Now with that said, if you eat brown rice and feel worse than don’t do it but otherwise don’t deprive yourself either. Your bodies needs come first and foremost ahead of what a cleanse or diet protocol can ever ask! If your body has no more calories to burn it’s going to drain all your energy and at worst can actually be dangerous for you over time!

Besides all this you need to be willing to take the time to cook your own food and preparing it in order to be successful on this diet. If you succumb to processed foods that are very high in sugar and artificial ingredients then this whole diet plan will fail miserably. The key is eating whole foods that are unprocessed, eat your carbohydrates from vegetables and grains. Again just make sure they’re the right ones, as I mentioned Brown Rice and quinoa as well as Amaranth and Millet. Besides this Sweet Potato is a great carbohydrate source as it provides lots of good carbs but the sugar content isn’t going to severely worsen Candida like processed sugar can. Just don’t overdo it since it’s key to avoid eating any one food too much when you have this condition as you are much more prone to developing food allergies to almost anything. Of course as if I didn’t need to mention it, you can never do too many greens. Attempt to only flash steam/cook them if you choose to cook your veggies. Meaning no more than 1 minute of steaming and then take them out before they lose too many nutrients.

So if you’re trying to do a Candida diet, suffering from leaky gut or just doing a flat out elimination diet. Keep in mind that carbohydrates and grains aren’t ALL bad. Some are but not all. Just steer clear of the processed foods, simply sugars such as cane sugar and honey. As well avoid the glutinous grains such as Kamut, Spelt and of course Wheat. With this balance it out with lots of veggies and you’re on your way to success in regaining your health back without making it any worse!

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Source by Ryan C Shea

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