They Were Every Boy’s Dream Girl In The 90s

Teenage Crush

As a child growing up, our window to the outside world is the Television. We start to relate to our favorite actors and actresses and sometimes even develop a secret crush on them.

This blast from the past gives us a look at our favorite actresses. Do they look better then or now? Let’s take a look and find out.

Saved By The Bell

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Tiffani Thiessen was a beauty pageant title winner before she started acting. Her popularity rose with her debut acting career in the famous show “Saved By The Bell.”

Throughout the nineties, Tiffani continued to land leading roles in Hollywood movies. These include “Son In Law, “A Killer Among Friends.” “She Fought Alone” and the sequel “Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas”.  As time went on, she was receiving fewer auditions. To stay relevant she started doing guest appearances on MTV. We still think you’re beautiful Tiffani and we can’t see what you will be working on next!

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