Using a Low Calorie Diet to Lose Weight – Yes Or No?

There are countless numbers of different diets and countless numbers of people using diets. The good thing is that more and more people are at least doing something to lose weight. But the problem is that they are not doing it very well, because the problem is getting worse all the time. It seems the more you try to lose weight with low calorie diet, the harder it is for you to lose weight.

Using a low calorie diet to lose weigh

For me it seems that people are not very serious about losing weight at all. Because how else would you explain the fact, that with all the diets, diet plans, diet programs and diet menus, people are still getting fatter. If you think about it, then it is very obvious that diets are not the best way to lose weight. The numbers speak for themselves and I have hard time figuring out, why most people still try to lose weight with diets.

The main reason why low calorie diets, and most diets are low calorie diets, do not work is because your body is much to smart for it. Diets are the same thing as starvation. Your body has many many complex defence mechanisms to fight again starvation. Basically when your body senses a food shortage, then those defence mechanisms kick in.

People do not realise that if you eat less, then your body burns less. So for example if you reduce your calories by 1000 calories from your maintenance level, then you are do lose a lot of weight very quickly. But once your body realises that you are eating much less, than you did before, then it automatically starts to burn less calories, meaning your metabolic rate slows down. After a short period of quick weight loss, the progress starts to slow down, until it finally stops all together. If you are consuming 1000 calories less than you did before and you are not losing anymore weight, then sooner or later people go back eating like they did before.

So using low calorie diets to lose weight is certainly a NO!

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