Weight Loss Exercises For Women

Of the two sexes – men and women – women got the short end of the stick when it comes to losing weight. Women lose weight at a slower rate than men because they have slower metabolisms and tend to store more fat. I know, I know, this is unfair; a man can wolf down hot wings during a game and then play a pickup game of b-ball and be fine, but a woman eats a bagel with extra cream cheese and no matter what she does, she swells.

I exaggerate a bit, but really, women tend to become far more frustrated with losing weight than men. That is because losing weight is harder for females. Fortunately for the fairer sex, there are weight loss exercises for women that work and can help any lady shed some unwanted weight.

Exercise #1: Jogging

Your average, everyday woman doesn’t have time to run 5-6 miles a day. Luckily, that isn’t required for losing weight. The best way to shed pounds is to be active as much as possible, and that means jogging. Jogging is a less-intense, lower-impact form of running that can be done three times a week, for 30 minutes at a time – and still, give results.

For those new moms out there, jogging behind a stroller is just as good (and even better, I say).

Exercise #2: Spinning

I know many think of pilates as a fad exercise. Though, pilates is a good way to get active and boost your metabolic and cardiovascular performance. This is cycling without going anywhere. There are spinning classes that offer motivation and discipline, in addition to the social connection that many women miss with exercising (and that many men do not seem to miss at all).

Exercise #3: Weight Training

This is more a type of exercise than an exercise, per se, but it is still important. Did you know that muscle requires more energy per day for its maintenance and performance than fat? That seems pretty sensical, right? Well, it also means that building muscle can help you lose weight, and not just make you stronger. Of course, few women want to bulk up, but fortunately, just about every woman can add a bit of muscle, look better, lose weight faster, and still not look like they spend their time eating raw beef and living in the gym.

Exercise #4: Kickboxing

Usually, it’s men who are in movies blowing stuff up and punching out villains. But women can get in on this too (well, minus the blowing stuff up part). Kickboxing is a terrific way to increase your cardiovascular health because it stimulates your aerobic capacity as well as tones your muscles. Plus, it’s fun – and for women, can be incredibly empowering.

I recommend signing up for a class and taking a friend or two along for the trip. Just don’t beat them up.

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