Weight Loss Success Stories, My Story

I am Sharing my Story, in the hopes that you will either share your weight loss success stories, or become inspired to create your own!

Before I got into fitness, and juicing and I weighed almost 350 lbs. I got into the 300 pound range in my mid 20’s and carried it pretty well. I crept up in weight and years, and when I got into my mid 40’s I started noticing just how bad I was starting to look. People still didn’t think I weighed as much as I did, but I could see it more and more, particularly in my face. Just before I started juicing, I tried pretty hard to get a good picture as I was updating a couple of profile pics. I wasn’t severely disappointed with the picture, yet I could clearly, and easily see the effect of weight and age on my face, and I didn’t like it.

I decided it was time to step and drop some weight, after all I was starting to suffer from newly acquired type-2 diabetes, and my back was definitely not happy, etc. I tried different diets that helped in the past, an app on my phone that counted calories, a modified Atkins approach, etc. I even signed up for one of those meal replacement plans. I failed each effort. I was stuck, and I felt pretty much hopeless, and accepting of my overall condition.

One night I heard snippets of the “fat, sick, and nearly dead” video, that was on in the other room. Very similar circumstances to my own, only considerably more advanced than me. I recognized that, that would be me in just a few short years. The result was that I decided I wanted to try juicing, and juice fasting. It wasn’t easy to get going, but I started on the path with a smoothie every few days. Just a simple mix of fruits and veggies, including wheat grass.

I recall thinking I would be headed to Hawaii in just lest than a year, and wanted very much to be in good enough condition. To enjoy hiking and snorkeling, and all the fun things one can check out in Hawaii. I decided to do a full on juice fast. My target was a 7 day juice fast, I of course was hoping for longer, but was doubtful of success.

Guess what? I stuck to the juice fast for 45 straight days! It was so exciting to see the pounds just drop off. I lost an average of 1 pound every day of the fast. At the end of 45 days I was down 45 pounds! I have to admit that’s rather extreme, but you have to know how it felt to see so much weight and fat just literally disappearing. There were times when I would lack for energy like if I did my normal work (mow the lawn), etc, and then try to do something else like cut some wood, or go for a long strenuous walk. I was using the elliptical nearly from the beginning as well. As the days went by I noticed the lack of energy more and more, so at the 45 day mark I added some more calories by switching to a smoothie in the morning with juice for the rest of the day. The smoothie had avocados and yogurt, along with veggies and fruits.

End Result?

My weight went from 343 lbs to 255 lbs, in 6 months! I also went from level 1 for 5 minutes to level 15 for 30 mins on the elliptical! Please take a moment and just think of how that felt! I am sharing this because I truly felt defeated and unable to change. I am just an average person, who has struggled with weight all my life, and if I can do it, I know, without a doubt anyone can do it! I think the reason juicing helped me so much was the immediate loss of weight. Staying on the juice fast was really pretty tough the first few days, up through about day 5, then I swear it was a cruise. The first 3 days I lost 9 pounds, yes mostly water, but when you see 9 pounds gone of the scale, you just get so excited!!

It is my sincere hope my story will offer some inspiration and encouragement to you. That like me you can overcome the feelings of defeat, lose weight, feel better, and have the best health possible!

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