Let’s talk about hunger and appetite.Our appetite is our desire to eat, which …

🔹Let’s talk about hunger and appetite.

🔹Our appetite is our desire to eat, which is different from physical hunger which is our need to eat.

🔹Ideally, we are supposed to be able to regulate our appetite perfectly in order to survive and eat the right amount of food to support a healthy weight.

🔹However in the 21st century, our evolutionary survival mechanisms such as appetite regulation don’t work very well.


🔹We eat distracted or too quickly which affects our bodies natural hunger and fullness cues.

🔹We also eat too many processed foods that unfortunately confuse our natural appetite mechanisms because we didn’t evolve with them.

🔹We’re surrounded by good-looking food that is available to us 24/7, and eat for reasons that have nothing to do with actual physical hunger. Our desire to eat is driven by sights, smells, memories, emotions or boredom.

🔹Think of it this way, If hunger doesn’t tell you to start eating, what tells you to stop?

🔹Here are some tips to help you better regulate appetite.

•Eat as slowly as possible
•Eat away from distractions (yes put down your phone)
•Get in better touch with your hunger, take a moment to analyze what you are feeling, ask yourself why you want to eat, if it’s driven by emotion or stress or actually physical hunger
choose foods that are nourishing and pleasing at the same time.

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