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Weight loss tips for lorry drivers, carers and those eating on the go

Many of us have extremely busy lifestyles. We can’t always take the time to eat a proper meal and we resort to eating on the go. This can lead or unhealthy meals that just do not fill you up.

These weight loss tips are perfect for lorry drivers, carers or anyone looking to lose weight in a driving job who is on the go and struggles to have set meal times!

They are not always exciting and you can get bored quickly, meaning you reach for unhealthy snacks. Here are a few tips to help you make the best meals you can eat on the go.

Healthy lunch box idea for an easy sw lunch
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Plan Ahead

If you know you are going to have to eat on the go, try to plan what you are having. Try to prepare things the night before, you will have more time and have more inspiration to make it exciting. By planning ahead you are also more likely to remember to pack cutlery!

If you know you will be having a later lunch, pack a snack to keep you going. If you pack a snack you can save money and ensure it is healthier compared to popping into a shop to buy something.

bruschetta pasta salad

Keep It Varied

It gets boring if you eat the same thing every day. Try to keep things varied to ensure to continue to enjoy your meals. Sandwiches as easy and convenient. However, you could try making this Bruschetta Pasta Salad.

Or try this Chicken Rice Salad. Both can be conveniently put in a lunch box or pot and taken with you to eat on the go.

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Weight loss tips for lorry drivers, carers and those eating on the go

Rather than have cold meals, why not try taking a flask with something warm inside. This Red Pepper and Lentil soup would be perfect for warming you up on those cold winter days.

You can invest in a good flask to keep your soup nice and warm, so you don’t have to worry about finding a microwave.

Similarly, you can buy a thermal lunchbox. This means you can keep a variety of foods warm such as this Chilli Con Carne.

red pepper and lentil soup

Keep It fresh

One of the issues people struggle with is keeping your food fresh while you travel. If your lunch is going to be out of the fridge for a while, I would recommend buying a cool bag.

You can buy a small cool bag made for one person in a range of designs. You can then keep your salad cool until lunch.

If you are worried about the length of time your lunch will be in your bag, invest in an ice pack to include in your bag to make sure it stays cool.

No one likes a soggy sandwich. But sometimes fillings leak. If you fancy a sandwich but are worried about your tomatoes making the bread soggy, why not make a deconstructed sandwich.

tomatoes infographic

You can pack the buttered bread, then in separate pots, pack your sliced tomatoes, cheese and anything else you wish to include. You can reconstruct your sandwich when you are ready.

Buy a lunch box. This will help you keep your food in one place while you are on the go. There is nothing worse than losing your orange only for it to turn up a few weeks later at the bottom of one of your bags or in the back of the car.

A lunch box will keep track of what you haven’t eaten so you can use it later. A lunch box will also help prevent food from getting bashed in transit to ensure your food stays appetising.

rice salad in a blue lunchbox

Keep it Healthy

We all want to stay healthy. But when you have to eat on the go it’s not as easy as it sounds. One of the biggest ways to stay healthy is to pack your lunch at home rather than buy out.

A pasta salad Is a delicious option for lunch but if you buy from a shop they can be high in fat as a result of their dressing.

Make your own such as this Tomato and Mozzarella Pasta Salad keeps it delicious and healthy. If you wanted to go a step further you could try Making Your Dressing.

pasta salad in a glass bowl

If you are making your lunch to eat on the go later in the day you don’t have to follow the recipe exactly.

This Sticky Chicken Salad looks delicious but can be altered to fit your tastes. For example, the recipe calls for one pepper, but if you don’t like peppers, take it out.

Alternatively, if you are a fan of peppers why not use more than one. You could also make it healthier by adding different vegetables such as sweetcorn.

Weight loss tips for lorry drivers, carers and those eating on the go

If you are changing a recipe try to add vegetables in a range of colours. This will not only make it took tastier but will also be healthier as the more variety of colour in a dish, the wider the range of vitamins in it. Making it perfect for eating on the go and staying healthy.

If you are on the go, keeping your food healthy is important. This is because you need to maintain energy levels. Eating starchy carbohydrates, for example, potatoes or pasta will ensure you have slow-releasing energy to keep going for the rest of the day.

Avoid too many foods with added sugar or high levels of fat.

glass of water

Don’t Forget To Drink

Water is the most important part of the meal. Don’t forget to pack a drink for yourself while you are on the go.

Dehydration can cause a whole host of issues including headaches or tiredness. Ensuring you drink regularly will help prevent these and make you feel better.

You could pack a cold drink such as a bottle of water or a hot drink such as a flask of tea.

A bowl of fruit on a kitchen counter

Eating On The Go

Eating on the go can be easier than it seems. Hopefully, you now have more ideas to help you when you are eating on the go. What have you previously found makes a good meal on the go.

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