10 Italian foods and drink you should try this summer

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Do you enjoy trying different foods, ingredients or drinks from different areas of the world? Here I have a selection for you from the Made in Italy deals on Amazon (click the links for the current offer details) for Italian republic day. There is so much more to Italian food and drink than pizza, pasta and Negroni so here are some I really think you should try this summer.

Balsamic vinegar

I know what you are thinking, you use it in cooking frequently, but you don’t, not proper balsamic vinegar! There is a huge difference between authentic Italian balsamic vinegar that has been made in Italy and cheap supermarket versions. The flavour is amazing!

Italian coffee

I love coffee but generally drink the simple ones from my Tassimo machine. Have you tried real Italian coffee? If not then you really should. It is a whole new taste and if you try Lavazza or another proper Italian coffee.

Coffee beans in a coffee maker

Why not also consider making it with a bean to cup coffee machine to really enjoy the true taste of that Italian coffee? For a cheaper option to make Italian coffee why not try the Bialetti 3 cup coffee maker pictured below?

If you are not sure about the different coffee blends then a gift set might be perfect?

Italian pasta

Whilst in some respects pasta is pasta, the better quality pasta will always taste better and Italian pasta will too. There is something about fresh pasta that you really need to try.

It is even better if you make it yourself. With 20% off this Italian pasta machine, why not give it a try?

Italian biscuits

I love Italian biscuits, they are just exquisite and so moreish! Have you ever been to an Italian restaurant and had one and then never been able to find anything as good anywhere else? These Sicilian biscuits are just like those, perfectly tasty and on offer at the moment too, a bonus in my eyes!

If instead, you would like to buy some almond biscuits then Cantucci is definitely what you are looking for! I love this 700g box but feel I would eat them all far too quickly!

Olive oil

Olive oil is another of those ingredients, like balsamic vinegar, that is so much better when it is authentic. Coppola is authentic Italian olive oil and is pretty good value too. Currently, you can tick a box on Amazon to get 15% off, pop it in your basket and try it. I am sure you will see the difference between this and the supermarket’s cheap olive oils.

Italian wine

Wine really is one of the best exports from Italy. Do you have a favourite wine? I love Pinot Grigio and tend to prefer Italian or French wines but others may like South African wines or somewhere else. Have you tried many Italian wines?

Maybe you should give a few different ones a try. There really is something for every budget but with wine, I believe you get what you pay for. If you have a special occasion coming up or are buying a gift then this aged Italian wine would be perfect.

Italian tomatoes

I must admit I generally buy the cheapest supermarket brand chopped tomatoes and find in many recipes you can’t really tell. Even if you can, I use so many cans of tomatoes I can not justify spending too much on them.

For a nice treat or when cooking for guests, I like to buy nicer tomatoes. there are a few Italian brands currently on offer on Amazon. Remember to check the discount box! Coppola tomatoes and peppers or Coppola tomatoes and garlic would be great in a pasta dish.

Do you use Passata (sieved tomatoes)? The Italian versions of passata are better too!

Ice cream

It is summer and with any luck, we will have some lovely hot days and want to enjoy ice cream. I say this but as I am typing this at the end of May it is torrential rain outside!

Homemade ice cream is always so much better than shop-bought ice cream and even better at an Italian restaurant.

If you are considering making your own and buying an ice cream maker then Amazon has an Italian one on offer as part of their Made in Italy event. It has £50 off too! Whilst an ice cream maker isn’t cheap, it is an investment that could last years.


Truffle has fast become an ingredient used in dishes that really stand out. It is a sign of class and style and can really transform a dish. If you would like to try truffle salt then this Italian truffle from the Piedmont region with sea salt from Sicily would be a great buy whilst it is on offer to give a truffle touch to many dishes.


I love gin, I especially love trying a variety of different gins and when they are on offer I just can’t help myself! Malfy gin is from Italy, a Sicilian gin which is full of flavour and popular with so many is something you can try with ice and tonic, lemonade or on its own this summer.

I am tempted to treat myself to the Malfy Lemon gin and the Malfy Sicilian blood orange gin whilst they are on offer, it would be rude not to, don’t you think?

Which of these have you tried? Do you have any favourite Italian products you can recommend? Have you had a look at the Made in Italy promotion on Amazon? There are some great bargains to be had so pop and have a look. Do comment and let me know below!

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