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10 reasons you need a water feature and a review

10 reasons you need a water feature and a review

I have wanted a water feature for a long time but never found any that I love. They all seem to be either old-fashioned or need plumbing in and leaving in one place. When I was at a recent blogging conference I saw an amazing one so I was keen to work with them and try it out. This Hydria fountain kit was sent to me in return for sharing it with you but all thoughts are my own.

Hydria water fountain

There are a lot of reasons I have wanted a water feature so here I want to tell you why I think you need one too!

10 Reasons you need a water feature

If you struggle with your mental health then a water feature or fountain is a lovely distraction. Something you can sit and watch in your own home or garden and let your thoughts wander.

Relaxing calming sounds such as white noise are good for helping with concentration as well as relaxing to help you sleep. A water feature such as this one from Hydria is so calming and could even send you to sleep.

Hydria water fountain

If you are someone who likes to show off to the neighbours or have a stunning perfect garden then this is the perfect addition. It can fit with any style as the container it comes in can be put into any planter or similar to match your style.

ASMR has fast become a phenomenon that everyone is talking about. Essentially the best way of describing it is something that gives an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), that tingle in the back of your neck. The sound of water such as this gives the same response.

If you want to make the garden look interesting and don’t want to have a huge bill for landscaping or electrical/plumbing work, this Hydria fountain kit could be perfect for you.

A water feature is better than fish for relaxing water feeling as they don’t need feeding! It involves minimal set-up and minimal maintenance so if you like watching fish but don’t have the time for them then a water feature is the way forward!

10 reasons you need a water feature and a review

Most water features are high maintenance and require so much care. The Hydria fountain kit is low maintenance and perfect for even the busiest of people.

No plumbing is needed and the water fountain does not even need to be near any electrical outlets so it really is perfect for you to set up quickly and move when needed.

Water features are great for wildlife, not only do the birds and wildlife love the sound of water but little birds can come for a drink when they need it too.

If these ideas haven’t shown you why you need a Hydria water fountain kit then think of it as a great talking point to invest in for your home, or possibly someone else’s as a gift.

Hydria water fountain

Hydria Fountain Kit Review

The Hydria fountain kit comes with all you need to set up a basic fountain and collectables can be bought to change the top of the fountain to fit your chosen style.

I have reviewed the Hydria Fountain Kit and the Mindfulness Pebbles collectable.

10 reasons you need a water feature and a review
Hydria water fountain kit as it arrives

Whilst I have used the Hydria fountain kit in a pot I chose I have not yet worked out exactly how I will fill the small gap between the fountain container and the planter so would love any ideas you may have as you scroll the images. I am thinking of larger pebbles, ones a similar size to the ones that form the fountain topper, what do you think?

10 reasons you need a water feature and a review

My planter and fountain were chosen as an indoor water feature because that is my preference but they could easily be used outside. In fact, I might move it outside in the summer when I spend more time in the garden.

10 reasons you need a water feature and a review
The charging and connection is easy!

Setting up the Hydria fountain kit was easy, the charging was simple and once charged it could be set up in minutes. The most time I spent trying to decide how to decorate the feature.

The remote control in a waterproof case makes it easy to change the colour or height of the fountain as well as turn it on and off or put it on a timer.

10 reasons you need a water feature and a review

The above photo is what the fountain looked like before I added my pebbles. The grey you see is all of the fountain you need which then gets added to a pot of your choice with a diameter of 30cm or more. I used this planter and these pebbles but I am thinking of changing my mind and swapping it around. I love that it is easy to swap around the way the water feature looks!

Buying a Hydria Fountain Kit and Discount Code

If this is the perfect addition to your home then it is easy to buy with my discount code for you. It normally costs £199.99 for the kit and the collectables are between £19.99 and £24.99 each. Instead, I got you guys a discount code to get the Hydria Fountain kit and a free collectable for just £149.99. simply use code AVJEN saving you up to a whopping £75!

If you are looking for a gift for your parents or grandparents who have everything then maybe this would be the perfect gift for them. I know it is something my Grandma would have loved and I think my parents would love too.

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10 reasons you need a water feature and a review

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