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21 Warm Vegan Drinks for Winter and Christmas

Sip on these cozy vegan Winter drinks under a blanket, all day long! They are dairy-free and healthy-ish.

Cozy Vegan Drinks for Winter

These cozy Vegan Drinks for Winter will warm up your soul! Hot chocolate, apple ciders and more dairy-free deliciousness for Christmas. | The Green Loot #vegan #veganrecipes #Christmas

Hot Chocolate

1. Gingerbread Hot Cocoa

Gingerbread Hot Cocoa
Photo: The Green Loot

A healthier version of hot chocolate, this festive cozy drink can be a part of your every evening in the Winter.

2. Easy Hot Chocolate Mix (gluten-free)

Easy Hot Chocolate Mix
Photo: The Plant Strong Vegan

This delicious DIY hot choco mix is perfect if you would like to take part in easy winter fun. It’s much cheaper than a store-bought one and even healthier. Win-win!

3. Hot Choco 3 Ways: Peppermint, Orange, and Sea Salt

Vegan Hot Choco 3 Ways: Peppermint, Orange and Thick with Sea Salt
Photo: Lauren Caris Cooks

With this recipe, you get 3-in-1. If you ever get bored with one of them, you can always change the taste. All three is a sweet and tasty treats that will warm you up like a cozy blanket.

4. Red Velvet Hot Chocolate (sugar-free)

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate (sugar-free)
Photo: The Green Life

If there is one way to improve the classic hot chocolate, it’s definitely to make it red velvet. It’s like Christmas itself in a mug.

5. White Hot Chocolate

White Hot Chocolate
Photo: The Vegan 8

This white chocolate drink looks like a snowy mountain and tastes like chocolaty clouds. It is a heavenly drink, that is a must if you have a sweet tooth.

6. Champurrado (Mexican Hot Chocolate Atole)

Vegan Champurrado (Mexican Hot Chocolate Atole)
Photo: The Bojon Gourmet

Nothing is more creamy and cozy than Mexican hot chocolate. This recipe perfectly nails what a 10/10 Champurrado should be like.

7. Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate
Photo: FatFree Vegan

Sneak a little fall into your cozy winter drink with this pumpkin spice hot choco for double coziness.

8. Coconut Orange Chai Hot Chocolate

Vegan Coconut Orange Chai Hot Chocolate
Photo: Ex Sloth

Citrus flavors are always a really good choice to mix with chocolate. When you add coconut too, the result will be a divine dessert-worthy drink.

9. Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Photo: Lauren Caris Cooks

The best way to get energized and warm on a cold winter morning is definitely with this peppermint hot chocolate.

10. Gingerbread Hot Chocolate

Gingerbread Hot Chocolate
Photo: A Saucy Kitchen

We’re pretty sure that the best way to enjoy a winter day is by dipping gingerbread cookies into this amazing gingerbread hot choco. It’s perfect.


11. Cranberry Apple Cider (Slow Cooker)

Vegan Cranberry Apple Cider
Photo: The Magical Slowcooker

Delicious cranberries give this cider its wonderful fruity taste. Perfect for holiday events and dinners or simply for evenings, while under a blanket watching your favorite movie.

12. Apple and Blackberry Mulled Cider

Apple and Blackberry Mulled Cider
Photo: Amuse Your Bouche

Blackberries are a very healthy and tasty choice that you can put in your mulled cider. They give it such a nice color too! A fancy/festive drink, but still easy to make.

13.  Hot Spiced Apple Cider

Hot Spiced Apple Cider
Photo: Catching Seeds

As a fall/winter/Christmas classic, you can’t go wrong with this superb traditional apple cider.

14. Spiced Mulled Wine

Vegan Spiced Mulled Wine
Photo: Vegan Heaven

Mulled wine is a classic in European Christmas markets and now it can be a classic in your home too. This will be your new favorite slightly alcoholic winter drink!

15. Cinnamon Pear Cider

Vegan Cinnamon Pear Cider
Photo: Savory Tooth

Cinnamon is an incredibly healthy spice that has a lot of health benefits while giving food a nice flavor. This pear cider is made extra tasty with it.


16. Hibiscus Rose Tea Latte

Vegan Hibiscus Rose Tea Latte
Photo: Choosing Chia

Are you having a hard time getting out of bed when it’s cold outside? Does your hair look weird too? This tea latte will cure all. The rose gives it a super taste that is girl power itself.

17. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte
Photo: Vegan Huggs

A good ol’ pumpkin spice latte can’t be left off of a cozy drinks list. Everyone’s favorite for a reason. The comforting and cozy pumpkin will cheer you up on the coldest and darkest of days. Full of positive vibes!

18. Earl Grey Tea Latte with Lavender (London Fog)

Vegan Earl Grey Tea Latte with Lavender (London Fog)
Photo: Wife Mama Foodie

Fancy a cup of London fog this winter? How about some lavender with it? It’s truly a unique flavored game changer.

19. Peppermint Matcha Latte

Vegan Peppermint Cocoa Matcha Latte
Photo: The Garden Grazer

If you are not yet on board with the matcha craze that has been going on for the last few months, this latte might be what changes your mind. Mixed with peppermint it will wake you up in the morning better than any coffee.


20. Eggless Eggnog

Eggless Eggnog
Photo: Living Well Mom

Eggnog is a must-have around Christmas. You will find that this egg-free version is even better than the original recipe.

21. Golden Milk (Turmeric Latte)

Vegan Golden Milk (Turmeric Latte)
Photo: Broke Foodies

Winter is unfortunately a time for nasty colds and flu too. The good news is that delicious golden milk exists which is the perfect medicine. Drink a cup every day for efficient prevention and a good mood.

+1. Warm Cinnamon Spiced Pomegranate Juice

Warm Cinnamon Spiced Pomegranate Juice
Photo: Vegetarian Gastronomy


Pomegranates are full of antioxidants that are great for your health. That is why you should not only eat them but drink them too. This warm, creamy, sweet juice is a delicious way to treat yourself to some healing nutrition.

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What are your favorite cozy vegan drinks for Winter? Let me know in the comments!

21 Warm Vegan Drinks for Winter and Christmas

21 Warm Vegan Drinks for Winter and Christmas

Make these Cozy Vegan Drinks in the Winter to warm up your soul! From hot chocolate to apple cider, these dairy-free yummies are perfect for cold days.


Total Time: 15 minutes

Author: Kate @ The Green Loot




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