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25 gift ideas for someone with chronic pain like fibromyalgia

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I have shared previously that I suffer from fibromyalgia and due to this I do have chronic pain. I am fortunate that mine is not as bad as many others and has gone through bad phases but is generally reasonably good. That said, I know in those bad phases I have found some things that can make all the difference. I hope these gift ideas for someone with chronic pain help you to buy amazing gifts.

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Gifts to help with chronic pain

Hot water bottle – whilst they may already have a hot water bottle a nice new one could be a great gift to help with their pain. It will also keep them warm in the winter. There are so many lovely shapes and designs now you are sure to find something lovely.

Tens machine – Have you ever used a tens machine for pain? They are popular for women in labour but also used for chronic pain in areas such as the back. The Paingone products are good value products, all designed with specific areas in mind. Tens machines are great for drug-free pain relief!

Wheat bag – I remember when wheat bags were hard to find, now you can get them pretty much anywhere. Have you seen the long ones for use around your neck? This would be a great gift, I have seen some lovely ones on sites like Etsy and at craft fayres.

Cold packs – have you seen the packs you put in the freezer to soothe pain? These would be a great gift as something that a chronic pain sufferer could try to relieve pain.

A massager – This can be a great gift for someone who would like a massage but doesn’t feel up to going out.

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25 gift ideas for someone with chronic pain like fibromyalgia

A hot tub – granted this is probably more than you want to spend on a gift, but it would be a great gift. You could look at hiring a hot tub for the weekend for them if buying one is not feasible.

Cushions or wedges – If sitting comfortably is difficult then there are a whole variety of supportive cushions and wedges available. Check them out and see if one would be a great gift.

Gifts for someone who is bedbound or spends a lot of time in bed

Film subscription – Do they find they are often watching the same shows again and again on TV? How about a Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime video or similar subscription?

Audiobooks – Could you buy an audiobook that your recipient would enjoy? Alternatively, you could buy a gift voucher for Audible or another audiobook subscription.

New bedding – If your recipient is a little short of money some nice new bedding might be a lovely gift they would appreciate. Have you seen the teddy fleece ones? I love those!

Colouring books – I don’t mean the kind you give kids but the adult kind! You can get fun ones and even sweary ones so you are sure to find something perfect! Check Etsy for some great choices.

A smart speaker – something like this could really help someone who is bedbound or struggling with pain. they can use it to play music, listen to the news and even control lights and heat. What a difference it could make and they are available from around £20 often in the sales.

Bath products – Does your recipient like to relax in the bath? Some really luxurious bath products could be a lovely gift.

Handcream and nail varnishes – Does your recipient like to get dressed up and feel nice but struggle to do this being in bed a lot of the time? Having their nails done or having a gift so they could do their own nails could be perfect.

Electric blanket – If you are buying for someone who struggles to maintain their temperature or gets cold easily then an electric blanket would be a lovely gift.

Other gift ideas for chronic pain sufferers

Nice coffee, tea or hot chocolates – Sometimes if you are in a lot of pain you just want a nice hot drink to help you feel a little better. Some luxury or different drinks then could be a lovely gift.

A diary or journal – Is your recipient someone who likes to write? A lovely diary or bullet journal could be a lovely gift.

Essential oils – Whilst you are unlikely to be able to take the pain away with essential oils you can improve your mood. This is why I think this is a great gift. you could also buy a diffuser to go with them as there are some lovely ones available now especially on Etsy.

Plants – If someone spends a lot of time at home it can start to look really boring. By buying plants or flowers it can really improve the look of the house to them even if they don’t last long. You could even consider a plant subscription from somewhere like Lazy Flora.

25 gift ideas for someone with chronic pain like fibromyalgia

Meal kits – If you are buying for someone who struggles to make their own meals then a meal kit might be a great kit to help them to have a different meal easily.

A puzzle or jigsaw – These make a great gift as they can be started and stopped as you are able. Someone with chronic pain may find it a good distraction from the pain at times.

A takeaway voucher – Is cooking difficult for them? Or perhaps they always cook the basics to make it easy and never treat themselves? A takeaway voucher could really make things easier for them one day and be a nice treat too.

A pamper or spa day – Sometimes when you are struggling with chronic pain it is easy to put yourself and your pamper needs last but a pamper day or spa day might be a lovely gift to really help them to feel that despite their pain they are special.

Your time – If you are buying for someone with chronic pain that is stopping them from getting things done then you could gift your time. Offer your time to do jobs around the house for them. Alternatively, take them somewhere they would like to go and help them out with things they just can’t do.

Have these gift ideas for someone with chronic pain have given you some ideas. If you have any more do comment below.

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