4 Characteristics Of Taiwan As A Tourist Destination

Taiwan is an island nation that has made its mark in the technology industry and is one of the main tourist destinations in Asia. Taiwan is one location that boasts scenic mountains and lush green fields. Millions of tourists flock to Taiwan to enjoy cheap hospitality, and idyllic locations and get a glimpse of their culture and history. So, what is it about Taiwan that draws big crowds who want to visit again and again?

Four characteristics of Taiwan

1. History

Taiwan boasts of a history spanning thousands of years. Related to mainland China, they share common ancestry with the Chinese. Colonial powers like the Dutch and the Portuguese controlled them for hundreds of years. This ensures a culmination of western and eastern cultures into one place.

Their history is littered with innovation and exotic societal aspects. They have many well-stocked national museums that have preserved artifacts dating back centuries. Tourists get acquainted with the rich culture of Taiwan during visits to the museum.

2. People

For any tourist destination to hold its charm, the people should be friendly and courteous. Taiwanese people are naturally friendly and welcome tourists as one of their own. The major population of Taiwan is a mixture of Japanese people in the minority and Chinese people in the majority. Apart from that, many immigrants from Indonesia and the Philippines live harmoniously side by side with the Taiwanese people. Tourists feel at home once they land in Taiwan.

3. Festivals

Taiwan is one of the places in the world that can boast hundreds of festivals. Tourists throng Taiwan to get a chance to take part in celebrations. Prominent amongst them include the Chinese New Year, Ching Ming Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn festival, etc. This festival helps promote the spirit of cooperation and national unity in Taiwan. Many Taiwan travel tour packages allow you to enjoy the splendor of Taiwanese festivals.

4. Climate

Taiwan boasts of a temperate climate. It is neither too warm nor too cold in Taiwan. The tall mountains of Taiwan ensure a cool environment at the top. It is an experience to visit Taiwan and enjoy its heavenly climate. You should head towards the Taiwanese beaches to take full advantage of beautiful seaside shores and clear skies. Taiwan holiday packages enable you to visit Taiwan and absorb the beautiful climate to the full extent.

The above four characteristics help Taiwan portray itself as a tourist Mecca aided by tour and travel packages to Taiwan.

Source by Abhinav Gajanan Kumar

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