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55 Easy Vegetarian Indian Recipes (Dinner included!)

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With this flavourful collection of vegetarian Indian recipes, we want to show you how easy it is to spice up your vegetarian lifestyle with our healthy, tasty recipes.

55 Vegetarian Indian Recipes – vibrant meals for a delicious vegetarian Indian feast | Hurry The Food Up

People often think meatless meals have the risk of being bland and leaving you unfulfilled, but we want to show you just how incredibly tasty vegetarian Indian recipes can be.

The Indian cuisine has an amazing array of flavours at its disposal, and plenty of great protein sources, too.

Vegetarian Indian Recipes – all styles

With our take on traditional, authentic Indian dishes, you can scroll through a variety of easy-to-make, (including low-calorie) veggie recipes of India.

From spicy veggie curry recipes to colourful Indian-styled side dishes, you can create a vegetarian Indian feast in no time!

We regularly update our list with new Indian vegetarian recipes that we come across if we really love them.

Naturally, there are all sorts of staple food ideas in here. From Western India and across the whole Indian subcontinent there is vegetarian food for everyone.

With main dishes, breakfast, lunches, dinners, sides and desserts, from classic Indian curry to awesome chutneys and delicious afters, there’s plenty to choose from.

Quick and easy Indian Vegetarian recipes

There are quick 10 minute vegetarian Indian recipes, and some great speedy lunch ideas, too.

There are also even some new Indian vegetarian dinner recipes you can prep in 10 minutes and let the stove or oven do the work.

Is traditional Indian food vegetarian?

The reality is there are more meat-eaters among the Indian population than there are pure vegetarians. Less than 40% of the population would call itself truly vegetarian.

Indian food has an image abroad as being the home of vegetarian food (possibly because of yoga and the like, I suspect). Compared with most other countries that number is still very high, however.

As a matter of fact, it is easier to know what the most popular non-vegetarian dish is, – Biryani! Every region has its own biryani – Awadhi, Lucknowi, Bengali, Hyderabadi, Thalassery, Dindukkal and so on.

What is the best or most popular vegetarian Indian dish?

Ooof! Very tricky question. It is impossible to say which is the best or most popular Indian vegetarian dish as there is no true general “Indian cuisine”.

Every region of India has a cuisine of its own, with its own flavors, produce and ways of cooking. In Tamil Nadu, idlis and dosas are popular, whereas in the Delhi / Punjab area, aloo parathas are the best. Dohkla in the Gujarat and in the North East they have momos – and these are just breakfast foods.

So, no way we can choose one! (And live to tell the tale!)

Vegetarians and Protein

Ocassionally vegetarians can have trouble getting enough protein in their diets to reach their health and fitness goals. If that sounds familiar, we have a free 7-day high protein meal for vegetarians right over here.

Please note the meal plan is ‘Western’ vegetarian and not ‘pure’ vegetarian/vegan.

Mains, sides, and salads (dinner and lunch)

Irish Bombay Potatoes

Check out the recipe here


Protein: 7g

Calories: 288kcal

Ready in:35 minutes

Recipe by: Ciaran & HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: fast, spicy, delicious and so good!

There are roast potatoes and then, there’s OUR version.

Spud lover or no, we guarantee you our Indian – Irish fusion curried potatoes will have you coming back for seconds.

Or, possibly thirds too. Crispy, spicy outside, soft & fluffy on the inside, these are a massive upgrade to the usual Bombay potatoes and you will never go back to eating roast potatoes the way you did before!

Ready in: 25 minutes
Recipe by: TheHealthfulIdeas
Bonus: quick, mega tasty, full of health benefits

If oatmeal drizzled with honey and/or cinnamon is your usual go-to, here’s an interesting variation: Savoury oatmeal! Mind, blown, right?

Packed full of flavour and fibre, our curried oatmeal is the perfect way to get your day off to a cracking start.

Vegan AND gluten-free, our creamy and spicy bowl of goodness will keep you full and satiated all morning.

If you are in the mood for some Indian vegetarian, sub out the almond milk with regular milk for a wholesome breakfast.

Ready in: 40 minutes
Recipe by: WatchWhatUEat
Bonus: healthy, flavorful and tasty meal

Biryani is rightfully known as the king of all rice dishes.

For all those naysayers who claim veggie biryani is not a thing, we say: wait till you try this recipe!

Aromatic basmati rice married with a special blend of spices and studded with vegetables, this veg biryani will hit the spot every single time.

Skip the yogurt to make this vegan-friendly and serve hot, for an epic Sunday lunch!

Oh and it is a one-pot meal too, so not much washing up to do after!

Ready in: 35 minutes
Recipe by: AnnaBanana
Bonus: quick, healthy and simple ingredients

Easy, quick and a super delicious sweet potato curry – makes a great meal by itself or the perfect accompaniment to rice or naan.

Sweet potatoes and coconut milk sing together in this curry packed full of beta carotene-y goodness.

Made with few ingredients, this creamy and tasty curry is quite budget-friendly too!

Vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free, sweet potatoes have never tasted so yummy!

Ready in: 55 minutes (just 15 minutes prep)
Recipe by: AnnaBanana
Bonus: A delicious pizza substitute!

Craving pizza but bored of the same old? We got you covered!

By using store-bought naan, our pizza-alternative (naanza?) comes together easily and is perfect for packed lunches and light dinners alike.

Roasted cauliflower pairs so wonderfully with Indian breads and these are supremely delicious.

Serve with a zingy salad and a lassi for a glorious fusion option!

Ready in: 55 minutes (just 15 minutes prep)
Recipe by: GypsyPlate
Bonus: easy, tasty, delicious and nutritious dish

No Indian kitchen can function without lentils – fact!

Across the country, this humble dish, dal, has many, many variations.

Tadka Dal is one of the most ubiquitous forms of this dish and can be found in every Indian restaurant’s menu.

Filling and comforting, Tadka Dal is the perfect side dish for roti and rice.

For the best comfort food, eat with a spoon of ghee drizzled over hot jeera rice!

Bonus: super-fast, easy and incredibly delicious

Curried bananas? Really? Why, yes! Get them as green as you can and give this much-loved recipe a go.

Under-ripe bananas are great prebiotics and full of resistant starch, making this a curry your gut will thank you for!

Ridiculously quick and simple to make, our banana curry is an easy recipe, one of those “no fail”, “ready in a flash” dishes you would make again and again.

Ready in: 15 minutes
Recipe by: WarriorInTheKitchen
Bonus: mega quick, delicious and so simple

Zucchini and eggplants are great vehicles for the Indian flavors this dish is packed with and this side dish is an excellent one for summer.

With just a few basic spices, this dish is so easy to make and can be on your plate in minutes, making it perfect for those harried midweek meals.

Vegan, GF and dairy-free, this shaak pairs beautifully with rice.

Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: GreedyGourmet
Bonus: easy, versatile, delicious, but yet simple, can be stored for a while in the fridge

Pakoras or vegetable fritters are beloved snacks and every Indian household has a quick one to whip up on monsoon evenings.

These mushroom bhajis are a great way to flag off any Indian meal.

Or to have with a cold beer.

Try this irresistible mushroom bhaji recipe today, which is perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

Bonus: simple, delicious and versatile dish

No Indian meal is complete without a rice dish and this pea pulao will make an impressive addition to your vegetarian Indian feast.

Studded with green peas, with the lemon juice giving a zingy twist of flavor, this is a light, yet filling rice dish handed down through generations.

Ready in: 55 minutes (just 10 minutes, prep)
Recipe by: Cooktoria
Bonus: tasty, healthy and nutritious dish

Cumin seeds, coriander, garam masala, curry powder and chilli powder come together in a wonderful medley of Indian flavors in this scrumptious Tofu dish.

The coconut milk in the tomato gravy makes it so creamy and more-ish, you won’t even need rice or roti to eat this with!

Vegan, gluten- and dairy-free, this easy recipe comes together very quickly!

Ready in: 10 minutes
Recipe by: BelatedBrewery
Bonus: super quick, easy, tasty and healthy, can be stored for a while in the fridge

Rice dishes are an everyday necessity in most Indian households.

Made with leftover rice and canned beans, this dish can be put together in literal minutes that you will be tempted to make it again and again.

Mildly spiced with curry powder, this dish can be eaten with either a yogurt raita for a simple meal or served as a side at a sumptuous barbeque.

Ready in: 13 minutes
Recipe by: CookedByJulie
Bonus: fresh, tasty and luscious salad

If you were looking for a keto-friendly, low carb vegetarian Indian recipe, look no further.

Perfect for the summer, this crunchy and fresh paneer and spinach salad works equally well for a light lunch or dinner.

Another easy recipe that can be put together in a jiffy!

Vegan Coconut Curry

Check out the recipe here


Protein: 17g

Calories: 690kcal

Ready in:25 minutes

Recipe by: Cris & HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: easy, tasty and full of health benefits, can be stored for a while in the fridge. Sooooo easy.

A curry with minimal effort? Get outta here!

No, no we aren’t pulling a fast one!

A vegan Indian recipe with a feel of a Thai curry thanks to the addition of coconut milk and curry paste, this dish gives you maximum bang for your buck and we guarantee that you will never be able to find a better effort V. taste curry anywhere else!

Serve it with white rice, with a dash of lemon juice and you will not be sorry!

Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: CookedByJulie
Bonus: quick, mega delicious and healthy dinner

Paneer, or Indian cottage cheese, is a great protein option for vegetarians and it loves greens.

Typically made with spinach, this saag paneer is the ultimate weeknight meal.

Eat it as a meal by itself, or accompany it with rice or Indian breads, it tastes just as delicious.

Ready in: 35 minutes
Recipe by: SixHungryFeet
Bonus: tasty, healthy and simple recipe

The vegan answer to a regular Saag Paneer, this easy to prepare, delicious, healthy and creamy dish is made with tofu, instead of paneer.

This vegan, gluten- and dairy-free main dish can be eaten with jeera rice or roti, for a delicious Sunday meal.

Ready in: 40 minutes
Recipe by: VeganOnBoard
Bonus: quick, spicy, healthy and so satisfying!

Traditional Indian kormas can be complicated and time consuming affairs.

But this Vegan Korma is easy, made using what you mind find in your pantry or the local grocery store and oh-so-tasty.

A flavorful medley of fresh vegetables and a creamy and luscious korma sauce, this dish would be an excellent addition to your next Indian food themed party!

Bonus: weight loss friendly, but so delicious and creamy

The classic curry takes on a new face with our vegan tikka masala. Full of healthy veg and fragrant flavours, this is sure to win your heart! It has far fewer calories than regular tikka masala but still manages to taste like an absolute treat!

Ready in: 25 minutes
Recipe by: VeganOnBoard
Bonus: fast, tasty, hearty, full of health benefits

Salmon-coloured masoor dal or red lentils simmered in a tangy tomato gravy, spiced gently and garnished with fresh curry leaves… makes you want to have some right away, doesn’t it?

Despite its humble list of ingredients this dal is rich and packed full of flavor.

Serve it simply on a bed of white rice drizzled with ghee and you will want for nothing else!

Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: SpiceCravings
Bonus: delicious and healthy dish, can be stored for a while in the fridge

Indian cottage cheese, green peas and rich tomato gravy – what could possibly go wrong with this scenario?

An item in every Indian restaurant serving North Indian dishes, this is one of Indian cuisine’s big hits.

Pairs so beautifully with fragrant basmati rice, this Matar Paneer is a must on every vegetarian Indian feast menu.

And with our Instant pot recipe option, you can even cook and serve it in one pot!

Ready in: 40 minutes
Recipe by: RachnaCooks
Bonus: easy, tasty and nutritious meal

Black-eyed beans or lobia are an Indian kitchen pantry staple and once you eat this curry, you will be able to see why.

They are nutritious, packed full of vital vitamins and minerals, and rich in fiber.

They absorb flavors like the sponges they are and make this spicy South Indian curry, super creamy and tasty.

Can be eaten with jeera rice or Indian breads.

Substitute the lobia with any canned beans like red kidney beans or chickpeas for a quick and easy option.

Easy Cauliflower Curry

Check out the recipe here


Protein: 8g

Calories: 449kcal

Ready in:30 minutes

Recipe by: Lorena & HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: great taste, easy and quick meal 🙂

White cauliflower, green beans and red peppers come together in a coconut milk curry, looking pretty as a picture!

Sweet, spicy, creamy and punchy, this curry will set your tastebuds singing!

Choose this for a stress-free, ‘on the table in 30’ dishes.

Perfect served with fragrant basmati rice.

Ready in: 35 minutes
Recipe by: RachnaCooks
Bonus: simple, spicy and so delicious

Smoky, velvety goodness of aubergines tossed through with onions, tomatoes, chillies and spices.

Talk about finger-licking good!

Traditionally served with rice or Indian breads, this bharta would go just as well with a simple jeera rice or roti.

Ready in: 50 minutes (just 20 minutes prep)
Recipe by: ThisHealthyKitchen
Bonus: fresh, healthy and delicious one pot dish

Chickpea or chana dal curry is a top favourite in every Indian restaurant menu.

Toss in some earthy mushrooms, toss through with ginger-garlic-onions and spices, and you have got a hit on your hands.

Big, bold flavours, made in one pot – what’s not to love?

An unctuous gluten-, nut- and dairy-free vegan curry that will be a great addition to every Indian vegetarian meal.

Ready in: 1 hour (just 20 minutes prep)
Recipe by: IndianAmbrosia
Bonus: mega healthy, fresh and so tasty meal

Pungent and earthy beetroot, made with regular Indian pantry ingredients.

Grated beetroot, in a spicy onion-tomato masala is such a fresh take on plain ol’ beetroot dishes that you will be tempted to pull this out regularly.

Serve with hot rice for a nutritious vegan, gluten- and dairy-free meal.

Ready in: 42 minutes
Recipe by: TheBellyRulesTheMind
Bonus: quick, delicious and full of health benefits

One of the most popular Indian street foods, pav bhaji is sumptuous that will light up your tastebuds.

The bhaji comes loaded with so many different veggies, you will easily hit your 5-a-day with this dish!

Serve with fresh dinner rolls (if you cannot locate pav in your Indian grocery store) – and a generous dollop of fresh butter!

Ready in: 25 minutes
Recipe by: VeggieDesserts
Bonus: easy, fast, healthy and tasty side dish

Vegetables coated in chickpea flour (besan) and deep fried, pakoras are tiny morsels of goodness that no one can refuse!

These fritters are a healthier version, baked as they are in the oven.

Pop one in your mouth and they simply melt away!

Vegan and gluten-free, pair them with hot ginger chai on the next rainy day for a quintessential Indian experience!

Ready in: 35 minutes
Recipe by: FramedRecipes
Bonus: simple, healthy, spicy and full of flavor

Brussel sprouts are not a typical dish you’d expect to see on an Indian menu!

But this tasty dish made with just brussel sprouts tossed through with garam masala and roasted in the oven is bound to be a party hit!

Vegan and gluten / dairy free, this would make a delectable addition to every vegetarian Indian feast!

Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: JCookingOdyssey
Bonus: authentic, warming and luscious daal

There are many Indian recipes that are the legacies of the erstwhile royal kitchens and this Sultani Dal is one from the Mughals’ royal chefs.

Rich, creamy and aromatic, made with cream and yogurt and finished off with saffron, this lusciously silky dal would make your palate feel like royalty!

Serve with basmati rice or Indian breads for a sumptuous Indian meal.

Ready in: 35 minutes
Recipe by: LathisKitchen
Bonus: easy, quick, tasty and nutritious

Matar Paneer is a must-have item in every Indian restaurant menu – and in that of every Indian cook’s arsenal!

Use frozen peas to whip up this dish and serve with jeera rice or roti for a tasty weekday meal.

Switch paneer with tofu for a vegan option.

Ready in: 25 minutes
Recipe by: BeyondMereSustenance
Bonus: quick, simple, healthy and nutritious recipe

Indian spices in an unusual medley of vegetables make this into an exotic dish, for sure!

Chickpeas, okra and eggplant tossed in garam masala and served with plain rice is such an interesting take on traditional Texas farmers market staples.

Vegan, gluten- and dairy-free!

Ready in: 45 minutes
Recipe by: EffortlessFoodie
Bonus: quick and easy to make, full of health benefits

Traditional Indian cottage cheese makes way for the more exotic halloumi in this interesting twist on a classic Indian curry.

Though you can serve with rice or Indian breads, big, bold flavours and the mix of cauliflowers and halloumi in a classic tomato gravy make this an easy meal in itself!

Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: SpicyTamarind
Bonus: easy, tasty, comfort and full of flavour side dish

Gourds cooked in moong dal are a regular feature in Indian households.

Gourds are easy vehicles for flavor and this Bengali dal is such a simple yet tasty dish.

Serve hot with plain rice drizzled with ghee for an amazing comfort food.

Ready in: 35 minutes
Recipe by: SpicyTamarind
Bonus: healthy and easy-to-make, yet tasty side dish

Palyas are to Karnataka, a south Indian state, that ‘shaaks’ are to the Western states of Gujarat and Maharashtra and ‘sabzis’ are to the north Indian states.

This easy recipe is a simple, home-style preparation eaten with rice.

Vegan, gluten- and dairy-free.

Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: MoonAndSpoonAndYum
Bonus: easy, tasty, spicy dish

Aloo or Indian potatoes are one of the most popular vegetables.

They go so well with most other vegetables and are such wonderful carriers of the pungent Indian flavors.

This spicy aloo kale or Kale and Potato is a delightful side dish, accompanying rice and roti alike.

Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: Mrishtanna
Bonus: simple, quick, nutritious, perfect for a busy weekday evening

Pudina pulao and raita – a combination made in food heaven!

The wonderfully fragrant mint leaves add such a lovely flavor to basmati rice, your kitchen would be smelling of them long after the dish is gone!

Cook on the stove top or in the Instant Pot for a perfect Sunday lunch!

Ready in: 1 hour 25 minutes (just 10 minutes prep)
Recipe by: CookWithKushi
Bonus: warm, soft and versatile bread

Indian breads come in many forms.

Naans are soft, chewy morsels of pillowy goodness and the lashings of garlic butter elevate it superbly.

And you don’t need a traditional tandoor to cook these – your oven or even your regular skillet would do!

Serve with pickles and any traditional Indian curries for a traditional North Indian meal.

Ready in: 50 minutes (just 10 minutes prep)
Recipe by: CardamomAndCoconut
Bonus: easy, delicious, spicy and nutritious dish

Tofu can step into any paneer dish and make it a vegan-friendly option and this creamy, spicy and packed full of Indian flavors curry is no different.

With minimal prep, this dish comes together easily and goes beautifully with plain rice or Indian breads.

Ready in: 25 minutes
Recipe by: LivingSmartAndHealthy
Bonus: fast, healthy, spicy and authentic breakfast dish

Indian food is a massive umbrella under which cuisines from every region of the country rub along well to produce one mind-blowing dish after another.

This breakfast classic from Sindh, North West India, is one such.

Chana dal, served with crispy fried puris and served with tamarind and green chutneys and sliced onions is such a rich and indulgent weekend breakfast that would keep you going all day!

Feel free to switch out the fried puris with rotis or plain white rice.

Bonus: healthy, delicious and full of flavor 🙂

Roasted, caramalised cauliflower florets in a spicy gravy inspired by Pakistan.

This classic dish is vegan and gluten free and our serving suggestion is, you pair this with brown rice.

The nutty flavor profile of brown rice and the roasted cauliflower are a heavenly combo that will keep you going for more.

Ready in: 25 minutes
Recipe by: NithisClicknCook
Bonus: quick, delicious and so satisfying

There are few dishes more recognisable than malai kofta.

The lusciously creamy gravy with its silken texture is such a great vehicle for the melt-in-the-mouth kofta balls.

Classically paired with Indian breads or basmati rice dishes.

Bonus: healthy, tasty and mega nutritious, can be stored for a while in the fridge

Chickpea curry or chole, are crowd pleasers.

Easy to prepare, packed with fiber and ridiculously tasty, and, thanks to the coconut milk in the gravy, vegan too!

Garnish with a handful of baby spinach for an extra hit of iron and serve piping hot with basmati rice.

Ready in: 40 minutes (just 10 minutes prep)
Recipe by: MyPlantifulCooking
Bonus: simple ingredients, easy and full of health benefits dish

Stir-fries are such a fabulous way of getting a ton of vegetables in you and this tofu stir-fry, spiced with curry powder and garam masala, is no different.

It comes together quite quickly, making it an ideal midweek dinner or the perfect packed lunch.

Vegan, gluten- and dairy-free and so, allergen-friendly.

Ready in: 1 hour 10 minutes (just 10 minutes prep)
Recipe by: ThinlySpread
Bonus: easy curry recipe, full of rich and comforting flavours

Nothing shouts ‘autumn’ more than the combination of pumpkin, cinnamon and ginger.

Creamy coconut milk and the earthy flavor of red lentils come together beautifully in this curry, packed full of nutrients.

Make a looser gravy with some water or extra coconut milk, to make it a complete one bowl meal.

Bonus: quick, fresh, healthy and delicious curry

I love a quick recipe and this one is 30 minutes from start to finish. Here’s the recipe if you want to get started right away!

Mango rightfully takes its place as the King of Fruits in India.

Every region of the country has a mango-based dish to celebrate the summer – and mango – season.

Coconut and mango are such an awesome combo, they instantaneously bring the image of paper umbrellas and tropical sunshine to mind.

With tofu for some protein and gentle heat from the curry paste, this silken curry is a treat for the senses.

Serve with basmati rice for a vegan, gluten- and dairy-free meal.


  • Cook rice or accompaniments according to package instructions.
  • Get the tofu chopped and frying in some olive oil on medium heat. Dice the onion and add after 5 minutes.
  • Add the curry paste, turmeric and coriander powder. Give it a good stir.
  • Fry for a couple of minutes then add the tomato paste and give it another good stir, making sure it’s all mixed in.
  • Next, add the coconut milk and let it simmer for another five minutes.
  • While that’s happening cut the flesh out of the mango and give it a quick blitz in a food processor or by using a hand blender. If you don’t have either then give it a good mash with a fork. We want a nice puree.
  • Add the pureed mango to the curry and stir it in.
  • Finally stir in the creme fraiche (or thick cream or vegan creme fraiche) and let it simmer for another five minutes until it thickens. This step makes the curry flavour softer and less harsh.
  • That’s it, the curry is ready! Serve with rice and/or naan bread.

Nutrition Facts

55 Vegetarian Indian Recipes – vibrant meals for a delicious vegetarian Indian feast!

Amount per Serving

% Daily Value*

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


Bonus: very tasty, quick and spicy breakfast

India loves its savory breakfast and Indian cuisine has many, many delicious recipes.

These chickpea flour pancakes, or besan cheelas, are a fabulous way to get your day going.

Packed with vegetables, these cheelas are amazing served with pickles and green chutney.

If you are newly vegan or pure vegetarian and missing your egg omelets, this is exactly what your life needs!

Vegan, gluten and dairy free, these are perfect for quick breakfasts AND weekday dinners too. Best eaten piping hot!

Protein: not supplied
Calories: not supplied
Ready in: 25 minutes
Recipe by: EverGreenDishes
Bonus: healty, quick and versatile

Rava dhokla is a tasty and healthy snack from Gujarati cuisine. It is ideal to serve as after school snack or as a nutritious and filling breakfast.

Bonus: mega quick, super healthy and thirst-quenching

Mango Lassi. One of the best tasting smoothies around. Simply delicious, and simply quick. Also ideal for breakfast as it’s super fast and easy to grab and go!

Chickpea Pancakes #2 – Caramelized Onion and Feta

Check out the recipe here


Protein: 19g

Calories: 314kcal

Ready in:25 minutes

Bonus: simple and gluten-free

This is our own Western take on chickpea pancakes and we LOVE them! They are easy, sweet and salty, and absolutely delicious. Be warned, breakfasts will never be the same again!

Appetizers, snacks, dips

Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: ProfusionCurry
Bonus: crispy, delicious, healthy, perfect for lunch box

Tea-time snack, dinner party appetiser or light lunch with lassi, aloo tikki is a definite crowd pleaser.

Crispy and crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, it is easy to see why Aloo Tikki is such a popular Indian street food.

Make this in an Air Fryer if you want to reduce your oil usage.

Ready in: 1 hour (15 minutes prep)
Recipe by: AllThatsJas
Bonus: spicy, tasty, healthy, yummy 🙂

Here’s something new for fans of samosas.

Crispy, thin “firecrackers” using ready-made filo sheets are such an easy recipe to prepare for parties and family get-togethers.

Bake them in the oven for a fuss-free appetiser option.

Serve with green and tamarind chutneys to pack in a punch.

Bonus: super fast, fresh, healthy and delicious

Cooling raitas are the must-have accompaniments to fiery curries and spicy biryanis.

Cucumber raita, crunchy and creamy is the ultimate companion to any curry.

No Indian vegetarian feast can be complete without this!

Bonus: quick, easy and such a satisfying sauce 🙂

Tangy, fruity Indian chutneys meet the vinegar-led preservation techniques of the British to bring about the perfect Anglo-Indian chutney.

Make a big batch when tomatoes are in season and store in sterilized bottles to enjoy for long time.

Did you know this goes ah-mazingly well with Indian breakfasts, the idlis and dosas?


Recipe by: TheCurryMommy
Bonus: tasty, high protein and healthy dessert

Call it sheera, sheero, kesari or sooji halwa, this dessert enjoys a special status amongst Indian dessert dishes.

Semolina roasted in ghee and cooked in sugar and milk makes for such a party in your mouth.

Spice it up with some saffron for that special touch.

Ready in: 50 minutes
Recipe by: VegRecipesOfIndia
Bonus: creamy, tasty, nutritious and healthy

The phrase ‘rice pudding’ brings to mind the inspid offering from school lunch boxes, doesn’t it?

This rich and creamy rice kheer is so lush you will never think of anything else when someone says ‘pudding’.

An easy recipe, this can be made in one-pot or instant pot.

Serve chilled in bowls for the perfect end to an Indian feast.

Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: CookWithKushi
Bonus: rich, healthy and so nutritious pudding

Winters in India belong to gajar ka halwa.

Carrots have never tasted so rich and decadent; nor have they ever melted in your mouth like so!

Fragrant, liberally studded with dry fruits and nuts, Carrot Halwa is what you want to go with if you want to pull out all the stops.

Ready in: 2 hours (only 5 minutes prep)
Recipe by: CookWithKushi
Bonus: super delicious, easy to make no bake dessert

There are fudges, and there are the traditional milk burfis.

Using just five ingredients, this sweet dish comes together with minimal prep.

Perfect for simple dinner parties or special occasions, you cannot go wrong with a milk burfi.

So what’s the first veggie recipe you’re going to create for your Indian cuisine night? Something quick and easy, but packs a punch? Or something that takes a little more effort, helping to evolve your cookery skills?

With such a delicious list of vibrant, super healthy Indian recipes that are all packed with veggies, flavour and powerful Indian spices, we understand it might be hard to just choose one recipe tonight.

So why not bookmark this page and make a note of all your favourite vegetarian Indian recipes you would like to make for a special spicy vegetarian feast.

With so many simple (but DELICIOUS) vegetarian Indian recipes, it’s never been easier to show off to your friends and family!


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