89-Year-Old Woman Gets Back At Neighbors After She Gets Evicted

Immense Discomfort

Mrs. Anderson was totally devastated. It had been fifty years since she had moved in. As a result of hard times, she was forced to place her home on the market. Now that she was being evicted, what could she do?

How could that have happened? Her trust in her son led her to sign it over to him. This resulted in her being forced out.

What Once Belonged to Her


That same house was beyond dear to Mrs. Anderson. Upon getting married, she and her husband bought it as their first purchase. Their son was born there. In addition, it was where she had spent the vast majority of her years.

It was the one thing she could never abandon. Due to under-the-table deals, she was now being thrown out of her home.

A Huge Adjustment


Her husband, Frank, sadly passed away three years earlier. He died without a moment’s warning. The family was dependent on him for bread and butter.

He maintained the household with the pension he got from investing wisely during the course of his life. The huge weight of responsibility now fell solely on poor Mrs. Anderson.

The Next Move


In an effort to make sense of her dire circumstances, Mrs. Anderson sat down to think. Despite her efforts to downscale her standard of living, there was one daunting expense she would never be able to cover on her own.

It was trying for Mrs. Anderson to afford everything else that came with owning a house, even though she was able to afford her bond. Levvies, insurance, unexpected repairs… It was all just too much.

A Bargain


There was no choice for Mrs. Anderson but to cut her losses. But that wasn’t good enough for her, so she came up with a seemingly foolproof plan of action.

Giving the house to someone she knew would allow her to take care of the mortgage while sharing the brunt of the extra costs. With a plan like that, she believed her troubles to be in the rear-view mirror.

Happy Ending


Her idea seemed rock solid to Mrs. Anderson, so she approached her loving son, Jacob. In response to her request, he agreed to assist her. There was still paperwork to complete and details to hash out.

It was already a huge relief for Mrs. Anderson, as she was no longer consumed by worry.

Over A Handshake


Mrs. Anderson considered the agreement to be perfect. As long as she kept paying her mortgage, her son agreed to pay for all the extras she couldn’t. Should he ever decide to sell, she would have the first right of purchase.

A lawyer drafted the agreement, and on paper, it seemed totally lawful. This finally gave Mrs. Anderson some well-deserved peace of mind. She was horribly mistaken, unfortunately.

In The Shadows


According to Mrs. Anderson, after a few years, everything was right as rain. Since the mortgage was being cleared, she could happily live in her long-time house until her time came inevitably to an end.

It turned out that Mrs. Anderson wasn’t aware of what was taking place in secrecy. These were things that could rock her entire world.



After making more than a few questionable business decisions, Jacob had lost everything he had worked towards. Having no money to pay his mortgage, he had no choice but to stop paying it.

As a result, he decided to sell the property before the bank had a chance to claim it. As a result, he approached his mother’s neighbors and explained the situation to them.

Unknown Facts


Despite Jacob’s expectations, the neighbors agreed on the spot, but not because they wanted to help Mrs. Anderson. As part of their wicked agenda, they plotted to get rid of the old woman.

They wanted to extend their property, and the neighboring house was blocking their progress. But how could they treat an innocent 89-year-old woman with so little remorse?

One Fateful Morning


One morning, Mrs. Anderson had gone out to get some groceries, and when she returned, she found a shocking sight. All her furniture was standing on the side of the road, and there was an eviction notice on her door.

The first thing she did was call her son. And that was when the truth slowly started coming out.

That Couldn’t Be True


Jacob admitted that he went against their contract by approaching her neighbors, but he didn’t want his mom to know what he was going through. And he didn’t want her to worry about him or the house.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know that her neighbors didn’t care about her at all. From what he saw, he thought they would take good care of her. He was gravely mistaken.

It Had To Be A Mistake


Mrs. Anderson accepted her son’s reasoning, but there was something that was still nagging her. Even if they did own the place, they couldn’t evict her because she was paying her “rent” on a monthly basis.

That was when Jacob admitted that he had fallen behind on the payments. He owed the neighbors six months’ worth of rent.

They Had Every Right


Mrs. Anderson marched next door with the hope that she could explain the situation to her neighbors and get them to pull back the eviction.

She would pay the money into their account moving forward, and she would make sure that none of them were missed. But sadly, her neighbors weren’t willing to cooperate. They wanted her out, and they weren’t about to change their minds.

Not The End


What her neighbors didn’t know was that Mrs. Anderson was a lawyer in her younger days. And there was so much about this agreement that was being handled the wrong way.

Sure, the law had many loopholes, but they weren’t using them. What they were doing was downright illegal, and she would make sure they learned that the hard way.

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