_Extremely thankful for such amazing Results_ _ Body contouring _ Patient Review _Dr Rajat Gupta

Body sculpting or body contouring is basically a surgical procedure that is done to improve the appearance of the tissue and skin after drastic weight loss.

Ms Kellia From is a scientist with USFDA consulted Dr. Rajat Gupta for body contouring. She came to know about Dr. Rajat Gupta through common friends. She also saw the after and before pictures and did research by reading blogs and testimonial. This made her trust the doctor and when she met him, he put her mind at ease and explained everything in a way that she understood. She had a lot on her mind during the consultation. She was worried how much pain she will have to go through as she is not good at tolerating the pain. Another question that aroused was how long it will last and how long would be. Further, she wanted this shape, hence, she started on a healthy diet. And about eight months ago, she lost nearly 25 pounds. For this, she changed her eating habits and stopped eating meat. Finally, this was the last touch to get want she wanted to.

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