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Achrochordon – Skin Tags

Imagine the scenario you are bathing and you notice small bits of skin just hanging there. It may be under your armpit or on your eyelid or even on your neck.

Have you ever wondered what they are? Well, the answer to that question is they are called skin tags or to give it its proper name Achrochordon. These irregular brown wrinkled bits of skin can be found almost anywhere on your body.

These are more commonly found on the sensitive parts of your body such as the aforementioned eyelids, armpits, or neck. Normally they are found in places that are prone to rubbing or some kind of friction such as your clothes rubbing against your body. They can also be found in creased skin areas hence the armpit.

The skin tags are normally associated with middle to old age groups but it is not uncommon to find them in younger people. They do not seem to appear from birth but are thought to appear as we get older.

Toddlers and smaller children can also get skin tags if there is any chance of skin-to-skin friction anywhere on the body.

Pregnant women are susceptible to these due to the hormonal changes in their bodies. Overweight people are also susceptible to this problem because their body parts can inadvertently rub together. People with diabetes are also thought to suffer from this problem too.

Skin tags are regarded as a sort of tumor but they have been proven not to cause cancer if they remain untreated. Mainly skin tags are not painful things but they can sometimes irritate if they are subjected to prolonged friction or rubbing.

There have been cases where some skin tags have grown big enough to pop. If this should occur and they start to bleed it is advisable to see your doctor as you would not want to get them infected.

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