Before and After – Preview

Before and After
Gal 1:13-24
All of us have seen the before and after pictures – before the house renovation and then after – before the diet and then after. Paul gives us a look at this same comparison from a spiritual perspective. Before, when he was Saul and after when he was a believer and later a missionary named Paul. In the Before section he reminds the church how bad he really was – a terror to the church! Then God met him and changed him on the road to Damascus. After this confrontation Paul mentions 3 changes – a New Birth, a New Belief and a New Behavior. These three combined for Paul to now have a New Boss! The church did not try to explain this about face other than to say, “He who once persecuted us is now preaching the faith which he once tried to destroy.” (Gal 1:23) Sunday I want to look at how Paul changed and why Paul changed and then ask how we should be changed by our relationship in Jesus. Come Sunday and bring some one with you – especially if they are still in the Before stages of their spiritual journey!

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