Casino Refuses To Pay Woman $8 Million Jackpot, So She Takes Action


Despite her best efforts, Maribel remains frozen in place. It was the furthest thing from her mind that she could have ever imagined becoming a millionaire. It’s just not common for people like her to experience things like this. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she gazed into her daughter’s eyes. With a crack in her voice, she whispered, “I’ve won.”.

She managed to gather herself gradually before heading straight for her prize. The casino staff, however, immediately and without warning stole her hopes away from her. Within the span of a single blink, her entire world had been turned upside down. How could this be?

Nothing Special


Maribel Sanchez didn’t play the slots often. She never thought of herself as lucky, and she never had so much money to lose. However, when her daughter recommended visiting Newcastle, Oklahoma, the Newcastle Casino eventually made its way onto their agenda.

They couldn’t have imagined they’d get so lucky quickly when they arrived at the gaming venue in Portland, Oregon.



Maribel didn’t know why, but she felt compelled to leave as soon as she stepped inside the casino. The dazzling lights of the casino totally encompassed her and her daughter, who was grinning, as she turned to look at her.

Maribel heard a disturbance that abruptly stopped her in her tracks as the mother and daughter pair moved over the crimson velvet carpet.



In the midst of the casino’s commotion across the room, Maribel overheard a piercing scream that reverberated throughout the entire establishment. The voice exclaimed, “They’re all liars!”

Unexpectedly, when Maribel turned back, she noticed a bunch of muscular security officers dragging a middle-aged woman outside. She cried out, “They’re hiding something.”

Keeping Things Hidden

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The woman yelled, “Everyone listen up!  All of them are liars. They are concealing something!” The woman was being hauled out by security as a crowd of perplexed visitors watched.

Maribel remarked to her daughter, “That’s quite odd.” She was unaware that the situation was about to become even more bizarre.

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