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There’s a clip of Drea talking about positivity playing while people are insulting her.

one of the popular girls in do revenge standing in front of a screen playing drea's teen vogue video in do revenge


There’s a bit of juxtaposition.


Sage insults Drea during the opening party scene and says that Teen Vogue only honored her because she’s on scholarship.

The Teen Vogue interview is playing on a screen directly behind her during this.

When Drea comes over to confront Sage, a clip from Drea’s interview where she says, “My girls and I are all about positivity” can be heard in the background.

The book Eleanor is reading has a similar plot to the movie.

eleanor reading a book in do revenge


Eleanor is reading “Strangers on a Train.”


Eleanor is reading “Strangers on a Train” during tennis camp.

In the book, two strangers agree to commit murders for one another, which is similar to Eleanor and Drea’s plot to “do each other’s revenge.”

The country club where the tennis camp is held is even called Haines Club & Courts, which seems to be a reference to one of the main characters in the book, Guy Haines.

Eleanor makes a direct reference to the teen movies that helped inspire “Do Revenge.”

gabbi and eleanor talking int heir school uniforms in do revenge


Talia Ryder as Gabbi and Maya Hawke as Eleanor.


When Eleanor meets Gabbi on her first day at Rosehill, Gabbi offers to give her a tour of the school.

In response, Eleanor says, “I mean, as a disciple of the ’90s teen movie, I would be offended if I didn’t get one.”

Gabbi proceeds to show her around the different cliques in a very similar fashion to scenes from classic 1990s movies like “Clueless” and later 2000s teen flicks like “Mean Girls.”

Writer and director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson has been open in interviews about her love for high-school movies.

Drea has the same flower cup in multiple colors.

drea sipping out of a blue flower cup and drea sipping out of a yellow flower cup in do revenge


Drea held a floral tumbler in several scenes.


Drea can be seen drinking out of a pastel cup with daisies on it in multiple scenes.

At tennis camp, she has a blue one, and later at a school assembly, she’s drinking out of a yellow version.

In one scene, daisies can also be seen on the background of Drea’s iPhone.

There are plenty of clever phrases on the signs at the climate-change protest.

arrows pointing to students posters about climate change in do revenge


One of the signs references “hot girl summer”


There’s a protest bringing awareness to the climate crisis on Eleanor’s first day of school.

Some of the phrases on the signs shown are: “This is not what we meant by hot girl summer,” “The planet is hotter than my boyfriend,” and “Life in plastic is not fantastic.”

The last one is a reference to the 1997 song “Barbie Girl” by Aqua.

The circle of hell Eleanor mentions when talking about Carissa is a punishment for liars.

eleanor and carissa talking at school in do revenge


Maya Hawke as Eleanor and Ava Capri as Carissa.


Eleanor tells Drea that talking to Carissa was like stepping into the “eighth circle of hell.”

“Dante’s Inferno,” part of a famous epic poem, divides hell into circles with themed punishments for different types of sinners.

The eighth circle of hell is for those who engaged in fraud, including people who spread lies.

This is a very fitting reference for Eleanor to make considering she’s told Drea that Carissa spread a false rumor about her.

The picture Allegra sent Max shows her holding tarot cards.

arrow pointing to allegra holding tarot cards in a photo she texted to Max


Allegra always seems to be doing something on-brand.


When Eleanor goes through Max’s messages, she sees a picture Allegra sent him.

The photo shows Allegra seductively holding tarot cards, a fitting look that matches her witchy aesthetic.

She’s also wearing the same bat sunglasses she wore at the opening party.

There’s a cover of “Kids of America” in a prominent scene, just like there was in “Clueless.”

the high schoolers tripping on mushrooms and swimming in the fountain in do revenge


The song appears in both iconic teen movies.


During the opening sequence of “Clueless,” The Muff’s pop-punk cover of Kim Wilde’s “Kids of America” plays as Cher drives around in her Jeep and shops.

A new cover of the song, by Maude Latour, plays during the scene in “Do Revenge” when the senior class is drugged with hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Robinson has spoken about how much focus she put into curating the perfect soundtrack for the film.

“I didn’t really care about them being the most recognizable songs. I wanted them to elicit a feeling in you,” Robinson told The New York Times. “It was less about the name-iness of the artists or the songs, and it was way more about, does the song bring you back to a time?”

Allegra’s attempt to levitate a girl is foreshadowed in an earlier scene.

allegra and her clique trying to levitate a girl in do revenge


Gabbi made a reference to the game “Light as a feather, stiff as a board” earlier on.


When Gabbi gives Eleanor the tour of Rosehill, she mentions that Allegra claims to have levitated a girl during a game of “Light as a feather” at a sleepover.

When Allegra is high on mushrooms at the senior-ring dinner, she can be seen attempting to do it again by leading a group of girls in chanting, “Light as a feather, stiff as a board.”

Eleanor says something to Drea that foreshadows a later twist.

eleanor stroking drea's hair as they lie in her bed in do revenge


Maya Hawke as Eleanor and Camila Mendes as Drea in “Do Revenge.”


When Drea and Eleanor are bonding at Drea’s house after their successful revenge plot at the senior-ring dinner, Drea tells Eleanor, “You’re just like me.”

The camera pans out, and Eleanor looks a little sad as she strokes Drea’s hair and says, “Yeah, I am.”

Although Drea may think she just responding to her previous statements of just wanting to “feel normal again,” this moment actually seems to foreshadow the fact that Eleanor is working on her own revenge plot against Drea and has become a stereotypical “mean girl” just like her.

There’s a quote from the book that inspired “Cruel Intentions” in a classroom.

arrow pointing to a quote on a wall in a classroom in do revenge


There are several allusions to “Cruel Intentions” in “Do Revenge.”


When Drea is sitting in class, there’s a portion of a quote visible on a wall at the back of the room.

The quote appears to be the line, “When one woman strikes at the heart of another, she seldom misses, and the wound is invariably fatal.”

This is a line from the French novel “Les Liaisons Dangereuses” (also known as “Dangerous Liaisons), which inspired “Cruel Intentions.”

One of Rosehill’s buildings seems to be named after a “Clueless” character.

arrow to a sign that reads horowitz hall behind drea in do revenge


Cher Horowitz is the main character in “Clueless.”


In both “Do Revenge” and “Clueless,” a popular high-school girl gives a seemingly more innocent classmate a makeover that turns her popular.

“Do Revenge” seems to pay direct tribute to the 1990s teen flick by naming one of the Rosehill buildings Horowitz Hall.

Cher Horowitz is the main character in “Clueless.”

Eleanor and Gabbi reference dialogue from a Taylor Swift song.

eleanor and gabbi talking near the beach in do revenge


They recite part of “Look What You Made Me Do.”


While talking to Gabbi, Eleanor says, “The old Eleanor can’t come to the phone right now.”

Gabbi asks why, prompting Eleanor to say, “‘Cause she’s dead.”

The girls seem to be purposefully quoting lyrics from Taylor Swift’s, “Look What You Made Me Do.”

A croquet game in the film seems to be a reference to “Heathers.”

croquet scene in do revenge and croquet scene in heathers


Croquet is played in “Do Revenge” and “Heathers.”


When Drea goes to talk to Carissa at her treatment facility, she’s playing a game of croquet on the lawn.

There’s also an iconic croquet scene in the 1990s high-school dark comedy “Heathers.”

In the “Do Revenge” scene, Carissa is wearing Birkenstocks, which is also a callback to Drea calling Carissa a “human Birkenstock.”

Drea re-wears clothes and accessories throughout the movie more often than her richer peers.

arrow pointing from drea wearing a blue tank top in a photo with max to her wearing the same tank top in a later scene of do revenge


Drea wears what appears to be the same tank top twice.


When they’re not wearing their school uniforms, Drea’s classmates wear some unique clothes.

Drea mentions several times that she doesn’t have as much money as her peers and she often shops at thrift stores. She’s also seen re-wearing some clothing items and accessories throughout the film.

She seems to wear the same blue top in a photo with Max in her room and in a later scene with the headmaster, and her yellow hair clips appear multiple times as well.

Eleanor drives luxury vintage cars like Sebastian in “Cruel Intentions.”

eleanor driving a vintage car in do revenge


Eleanor drives two vintage cars throughout “Do Revenge.”


Just like Sebastian in “Cruel Intentions,” Eleanor drives beautiful vintage cars throughout “Do Revenge.”

Although she drives a tan Studebaker for most of the movie, after she uses it to hit Drea’s car, she switches to a black Mercedes for the final scene.

The black car even more closely resembles Sebastian’s beloved Jaguar.

Drea may have gotten into Russ’ warehouse through an open window.

arrow pointing to open window in russ' warehouse behind drea and her i'm sorry sign in do revenge


There’s a window that’s ajar.


During an end-credits scene, Drea surprises Russ in his warehouse to apologize.

He asks how she got into the locked building, and she avoids the question.

But one of the windows in the upper-left corner of the screen appears to be slightly ajar.

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