The Soup, Salad and Cereal Diet

A diet that consists mostly of soup, cereal, and salads could help someone to lose weight.

Here’s a sample of a Soup, Cereal, and Salad diet:

Sample day:


Breakfast: Cereal with fruit

Snack: Fruit or cereal bar

Lunch: Soup and Salad

Snack: Raw Vegetables

Dinner: Soup and Salad

Late-night snack: Raw fruit, vegetables, cereal bar, or bowl of cereal

This type of diet could produce some great results but if you follow it for too long, it could result in problems because you need enough calories and the right nutrients to be healthy and a healthy body has a fast working metabolism as well as a healthy digestive system. You also want to choose healthful soups, salads, and cereal or this diet could be counterproductive.

If you wanted to follow this type of diet for a week it could provide some fast results. Here are some tips to make it a little bit safer and more nutritious:

Hearty, Healthy Soups

Change the soup recipe regularly to ensure it has enough vitamins and protein and not too much sodium. Soups with meat and beans are a great idea. Stews are also a good option for a dinnertime meal.

Lots of Colour in your Salad

A salad that’s made of mostly lettuce won’t be all that nutritious or filling. The more color, the more nutrients. Don’t hesitate to add grilled chicken, hard-boiled eggs, and beans to the salad as well.

Vary your Cereals

Try some high protein, healthy Kashi or multigrain cereals, and don’t forget to add fruit or nuts to the cereal for extra nutrients and satiety.

A soup, cereal, and salad diet could help you with weight loss goals for the short term and if you do it right you could end up with a lot of variety and nutrition in this diet.

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