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Different Diets For Losing Weight

Most people don’t enjoy dieting. There are several diets you can find online as well as in several books. You can follow them but you still have to do exercises to lose weight effectively. The best diets are the ones where you still eat food complete with nutrients.

Some of the best diets you can find today are the South Beach diet and the Medifast diet.

1. Medifast diet – This is one of the best diets for 2009. This is famous for its five-and-one program. It helps people to lose weight by giving the subscriber five meals. You need to eat only the five meals they give and the plus one meal is composed of lean vegetables. The person subscribing to this program will not enjoy potatoes or cheeseburgers. The meals should be made of foods that should make the body burn the fat that has been stored. The meals are also filled with vitamins which aid in processing fatty amino acids.

The best thing about this diet is the fact that the subscriber gets a wide variety of choices for their meals. You can choose from different plans that have bars, teas, soups, and shakes. It should be the replacement for the meals you would have throughout the day. The Medifast diet also requires you to eat every three hours.

The weight you can lose in Medifast is not consistent but the average number of pounds lost in one month is twenty. You can lose three pounds if you incorporate exercise. The subscribers should stick to the meals given to them.

2. The Cookie Diet – This is also one of the best diets for 2009. This was introduced in the seventies by Dr. Siegal. He thought that most people enjoy eating cookies so why not develop a cookie that would help them lose the extra weight? The cookies have very low contents of sugar. It is also good for diabetic people. His cookies make the person eating them feel that he is not hungry for a long time. The cookies are created from a recipe that is a top secret. It has incorporated amino acids that can stop appetite.

The cookie dieter should munch on six cookies throughout the day and eat a good meal during dinner. It should be composed of lean meat and a cup of vegetables. This diet also tells you to drink eight glasses of water every day. Cookie dieters can take tea or coffee but carbonated drinks should not be taken. There are five flavors for the cookies namely; blueberry, banana, chocolate, coconut, and oatmeal.

3. South Beach Diet – This is one of the best diets that have gained popularity over the five years. This diet became a book and has sold millions of copies in different countries all over the world. The person on this diet may lose thirteen pounds in just a couple of weeks. Dr. Agatston was the one who created this diet. He made this diet for his patients with heart problems. The key factor for the South Beach diet is taking in foods that are low in carbohydrates and eating foods with good fats.

There are three phases to this diet. In the first and second weeks, the goal is to remove lots of fats from the body. Then you eat more carbohydrates as soon as you have been able to achieve the detoxification effect. In the third week, you need to consume foods with good carbohydrates by eating fish and cheeses that have low fat. The third phase is where you can eat foods that are balanced in nutrients as well as carbohydrates. The third phase is the diet that you should also maintain.

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