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Doctor’s Diet Weight Loss Nutrition Secrets

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition.

No program is so good that it can ignore the 3 factors above. Today, we’re going to get the doctor’s secret advice on how to eat for fat loss.

First up, Dr. Dave…

For his diet secret, he recommends eating 4 to 5 broccoli florets, 4 to 6 fish oil, a handful of berries, and 10 to 16 ounces of water before each meal.

Yes, that sounds weird. But there are reasons to do this.

The fiber from the broccoli will help fill you up and control your blood sugar. And the water adds to stomach volume, helping to fill you up and control your appetite even more. The fish oils and berries are in there for health-promoting reasons.

And not only will the fiber and water help you control your appetite at this meal, but at the following meals as well. That’s why I urge you to start the day off with a fiber-rich, protein-rich breakfast. It will set the dietary tone for the day and help you prevent constant hunger between mini-meals.

So fiber-rich vegetables and calorie-free liquids are a great “pre-feast” strategy to use over the holidays to control your appetite.

(And if CB could make that pre-meal snack any better, what would I add? Green Tea, of course.)

Heck, that pre-meal snack would be healthier than most people’s entire daily nutrition.

Next up, advice from Dr. Phil (yes, that Dr. Phil). His secret advice is that all of your food choices should contain a large nutrient-to-calorie ratio – something he calls, “High Response, High Yield Nutrition”.

Examples of this include eating a whole piece of fruit instead of drinking juice, eating green leafy vegetables as a side dish rather than mounds of potatoes, and snacking on healthy-fat-rich almonds rather than killer-fat-containing potato chips.

Give your body fat the old heave-ho…

Source by Craig Ballantyne

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