eatpal – lose weight without counting calories

eatpal is an easy photo-based digital nutrition assistant. Our aim is to support you on your mindful eating journey. With eatpal, you will establish healthy eating habits by reflecting on what you eat, without counting calories!

eatpal is a free app for your iPhone.

To make your weight loss a success, we have build several simple functions to reflect energy commitments and to see weight loss progress along your goal line.

Recent studies have shown, that participants who took pictures of their food intake have lowered their BMI and established healthier nutrition habits.

Food journaling was never that easy: take a picture, rate the ingredients and commit to how long this meal will keep your energy levels up. Done!

Monitoring your weight loss was never that motivating: set a weight you want to reach at a specific date. Then record your weight every morning and compare your progress along the burn-down goal line. Weight goals tracking was never more convenient, thanks to our optional Apple Health connection.

Tips will inspire you to learn about healthy lifestyle with easy and delicious recipes, inspiring articles and research based advices.

– Motivation: Integrates easily in your everyday lifestyle. Log a meal within seconds – no tedious calories counting!
– Flexibility: eatpal is build to support you in various ways, depending on what works for you. You can also use it as a tool with your nutrition coach or doctor.
– Privacy made in Germany: No account needed, no upload of your private data. Everything is locally stored on your device.

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