Entrepreneur Saves Time with Meal Plan App

Brandon is busy running his online business, and found that his eating habits weren’t up to par. Especially since his weight-lifting routine has been disrupted by gym closures. Looking to save time (& money), Brandon tries meal planning with the Ari Coach app.

After 3 weeks, his mindset has changed from negative diet culture to positive reminders that he still deserves tasty, healthy food that is simple to make. The grocery list has saved tons of time for Brandon. Even better when it sends everything to online delivery services like Instacart & Amazonfresh! Instead of wasting time counting macros, he’s able to have food ready to go and focus on growing his business.

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Ari Coach app
Learn to nourish & fuel your body with habits, not dieting! Ari Coach is the #1 mindful meal planner for busy people. Reach your fitness goals with our easy meal plans, customized to your body type & workout schedule.

Our mindful eating tracker helps you reflect on your food choices, without calorie-counting or made-up point systems. Easily get groceries for the week in 1 tap. And make simple & delicious recipes with 6 ingredients or less, in only 5-30 minutes.

With Ari Coach, transform your body & habits for life!

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