Fasting Dieting for the Soul

Some studies indicate that up to sixty percent of women in North America say they’re on a diet!

A lady who joined Weight Watchers for the first time came in to be weighed after the stressful first week. She stepped on the scale. She had lost 2 pounds! The dieter wasn’t happy at all. She complained, “My friend comes here to Weight Watchers, and she said she lost ten pounds her first week! She told me I’d lose ten pounds in the first week too! But look at this!”
Well, the leader at Weight Watchers was a little disturbed. She knew that you don’t lose weight overnight. And she tried to comfort the woman by reminding her that the ideal was a slow weight loss. That kind of diet was more likely to produce permanent weight reductions. So she asked the dieter, “Who told you that? Is she a doctor?!”
The woman shook her head. “Is she a nurse?!”
“No,” said the woman.
“Well! Is she a nutritionist, or another Weight Watchers leader?!” No was the reply.
“Well who is she?!”
The newcomer said, “I think she’s a liar!”

While often times fasting has to do with food, it is not a sanctified way of dieting. There are elements of fasting that will serve you well in your dieting regime. But fasting has very little to do with physical dieting.
To be sure there are health benefits to fasting. But the primary focus of fasting is the health benefits for your soul and spirit.

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