Generate Qualified and Targeted Leads For Your Herbalife Home Business

Learn how to generate qualified, fresh, and targeted leads or prospects for your Herbalife home business. Herbalife is a health and beauty network marketing company that has been around for years and is one of the most stable companies in the industry.

If you are already in Herbalife and you are not getting the results you want or not generating enough prospects to show your business to then you need to learn new strategies in building your list and your business.

If you are not yet in Herbalife and are planning to join then be sure that you have a lead generation and marketing strategy going in so you won’t waste time and money.

What we suggest is to use a lead generation system called the Funded Proposal. This system allows you to get paid and generate cash for prospecting. It is a system where you give value and training to other network marketers and position yourself as an authority in marketing and lead generation.

Other network marketers will subscribe or join your system and some will join your Herbalife business but some will not. And throughout this whole process, you will be earning extra cash from your prospects whether they join Herbalife or not.

As you get more leads, build a relationship with them and follow up with them constantly using your marketing funnel. By the way, your marketing funnel consists basically of a lead capture page and an autoresponder.

This is a great way to start generating qualified, fresh, and targeted leads for your Herbalife home business.

If you want more information on a lead generation program and the Funded Proposal, plus how all of this fits together click on the link at the end of this article.

Source by Jim O. Miralles

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