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Gestational Diabetes: 4 Tips for Staying Healthy

When you’re pregnant, your number one concern is keeping all pregnancy complications at bay and working with your obstetrician to ensure that conditions such as gestational diabetes never become a reality. The first step is awareness. The second step is eating a healthy diet. The third is exercising daily.

It’s important to realize that 5% of all pregnancies are adversely affected by gestational diabetes and there are certain “risk factors” that could make you a prime candidate. Risk factors such as:

  • Family History of Diabetes
  • Being Overweight
  • Previous Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes

In addition, you have to keep close tabs on what you eat, how much you rest, and how active you are, to ensure that other pregnancy complications don’t come along.

Birthing your child is a challenge-psst! That’s why women are responsible for it!-so be sure to have an open discussion with your caregiver on the best practices to ensure a healthy pregnancy. To get you started, I’ve put together this “Mommy Must” List below!

4 Mommy Musts to Combat Gestational Diabetes

  • Get up-Get Going-Get Active!

It’s important to be active while you’re pregnant, but of course, it’s also very important to clear all activity with your obstetrician or midwife. If he/she gives you the thumbs up, then get going! I highly recommend walking 15 to 20 minutes, after every meal or at least daily, to keep your blood sugar level down and your stamina up! Swimming and prenatal yoga are two great choices for exercise during pregnancy also.

  • Keep That Blood Glucose Level in Check!

It’s important to keep close tabs on your glucose level. Talk to your caregivers about obtaining a blood glucose meter, if you’re high risk for diagnosis, or already have been diagnosed. Use the meter to test your glucose level before and after meals, and you’ll be able to tell which foods are having the most substantial impact. With this information, you can alter your diet accordingly!

  • Eat Regularly, but Choose Wisely!

Educate yourself on which foods have the greatest impact on your blood glucose levels to avoid or to treat pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes. A balanced diet is supremely important and you definitely want to keep simple or refined sugars off of the dinner table; they’ll send your blood sugar soaring! Making exchanges with fiber-filled whole grains, vegetables, nuts, and beans that will stabilize your glucose levels. You’ll feel lighter, and you’ll be well on your way to a happy, healthy, pregnancy. Do your research on “slow-release” carbohydrates, put them on your grocery list, and eat three small meals per day; no need to starve, you’re eating for two! But you only need 300 extra calories a day.

  • Find Your Zen Relaxation Time.

Believe it, or not, your mental state does have an effect on the chemistry within your body; specifically, your glucose level. When you’re stressed, hormones such as epinephrine and cortisol start shaking the house down. Their purpose is to give you energy through a blood sugar boost, which you do not need when you’re trying to combat gestational diabetes. Of course, it’s important to not stress yourself out about possibly stressing yourself out; just relax! Take a deep breath, snuggle up with your hubby and Netflix, and make relaxation just as important as eating right, or exercising. Prenatal yoga, meditation, prenatal massage can all help too.

There you have it; with these 4 “Mommy Musts” you’ll be birthing your baby, healthy, safe and complication-free, in no time at all. Consult with your caregivers about pregnancy complications, stay positive, and be a happy, healthy Mommy-to-be!

Source by Liza D Janda

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