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Get shoes for walking with adidas this summer

This article includes a selection of shoes for walking I chose using a voucher I received from adidas in return for sharing with you our choices.

If you are not a big fan of exercise then walking is definitely the one for you. It is cheap and easy to do anywhere you like. Whilst some people would say walking is free, I disagree a little as whilst it is free I do recommend having the right footwear for your walk. It can prevent injury and ensure you enjoy your walk. Fortunately, adidas have a great selection.

Get shoes for walking with adidas this summer

Do I really need walking boots?

I know what you are thinking, do I really need chunky walking boots from a hiking shop? Well, the answer is no, you don’t need to get chunky walking boots and you don’t necessarily need a specialist shop. Just well-designed footwear that is good for walking in.

The most important thing to do is consider where you will be walking and in what weather. Once you know this you can decide if you already own suitable footwear or need to buy something new.

Get shoes for walking with adidas this summer

What type of walking counts as exercise?

If you are building up a bit of a sweat and working harder than usual then you are doing exercise! A brisk walk to the shops can be as effective as a slow wander around the woods so don’t let the location put you off exercising.

Get shoes for walking with adidas this summer

The best footwear for short walks in urban areas

If you are walking in urban areas and mostly short walks then a good supportive shoe should be enough if you are on a budget. I find some of the shoes I wear with jeans are perfect for a short brisk walk but wouldn’t be suitable for a longer walk.

The main things you need to look for are good cushioning, comfort and that there is plenty of space around your toes so they can move freely. The area around the heel should be supported and snug but not tight. The insole should contour well with your foot and provide some shock absorption so wearing flip-flops will not be a good idea!

Get shoes for walking with adidas this summer

Footwear for beginner walkers and in general countryside areas

If you are looking to walk around woods, countryside and hills but not rocky mountains then you may still be able to avoid chunky walking boots.

There are plenty of walking shoes and hiking shoes available which are generally lighter than boots and just as supportive. Another option is trail running shoes. these offer the support and flexibility for running in the countryside, woods etc whilst also being very breathable.

Looking at hiking shoes and trail running shoes you should concentrate firstly on comfort and fit, secondly on appearance. The reason for this is they will soon get dirty or muddy anyway!

Get shoes for walking with adidas this summer

7 top tips for choosing walking shoes

  • Always try shoes on both feet as they won’t ever be exactly the same!
  • Try your footwear on late in the day as your feet gradually swell during the day, especially on a hot day. This will ensure that when you are hot and have slightly swollen feet they still fit well.
  • Make sure you try the shoes or boots laced up properly, not just slipping them on!
  • Walk around in the shoes or boots for a while to ensure they remain comfortable before committing to buying them. Remember even if you order online as long as you have only tried them in the house you can return them if they are not suitable.
  • If the shoes or boots feel tight initially then do not buy them, even if they are on a good offer! Whilst shoes “break-in” a little this will never be enough if your first thought is they are too tight!
  • Bend and twist the shoes in your hands and on your feet to check you can move freely in them.
  • Consider how breathable the fabrics used are, remembering your feet will get hot and you could be walking in summer too!
Get shoes for walking with adidas this summer

The range of shoes in adidas for walking

There is a huge range of walking shoes and boots at adidas suitable for all ages, styles and terrains. If you prefer trail running shoes at adidas then the range of those is vast too. In fact, we each chose a pair of trail running shoes for our walks around the local area.

The reason we chose trail running shoes is that around where we live there are lots of nice woodland areas that we love to walk around. We also however wanted lightweight and more “trainer-like” shoes that would be great to avoid slipping in the muddy puddles etc. These seemed perfect for us. You never know I might start running again too and try trail running!

The shoes pictured throughout this article are trail shoes from adidas, all fit comfortably and are shown when they were new as it means you can see them properly, no one needs to see muddy and dirty shoes!

Get shoes for walking with adidas this summer

Could you walk a little more?

If you are considering walking a little more then start gradually and build up when you are ready. Whatever you wear ensure your feet are well supported and comfortable and that you do not overdo it!

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Get shoes for walking with adidas this summer

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