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Hardgainer Project X – Skinny Guys Only

There is a brand new program out called Hardgainer Project X that is made specifically for skinny guys only. It is rare to find a program that is dedicated entirely to skinny men and nobody else. But this is the real beauty of the Hardgainer Project X program, the fact that it is focused on just one body type. In this article I will be taking a closer look at this weight gain and muscle building program.

In this day and age there is so much attention on people who want to lose weight or tone up that skinny people usually find themselves tossed to the side and ignored. The weight loss industry steals the spotlight over the weight gain industry any day of the week. And to make matters worse for the skinny guy there just is not that much information available or for that matter good information available to help them reach their goals.

Hardgainer Project X fills that void and delivers a program that is all about skinny hard gaining individuals. Created by Jeff Anderson, a man who goes by the name “The Muscle Nerd” who is a fitness trainer and has written many books on supplements, bodybuilding and weight loss.

Hardgainer Project X started off as an experiment to see if Jeff could transform six skinny hardgainers and see if he could get them ripped in twelve weeks. Before and after pictures were taken at the end of the week the transformations were spectacular. For the first time in their skinny lives these test subjects had not only actually gained weight but also had developed muscle definition, all in such a short period of time.

Jeff Anderson uses a combination of workouts, dieting and supplementation to get the dramatic results that these six people experienced. Lets look at the workout component first. Jeff combines compound exercises such as squats, bench press and dead lifts to really work your core and whole body and then he also introduces more specific isolated movements. So your really blasting all your muscle fibers and giving them a great amount of resistance. Jeff lets you choose what exercises to do from a chart which is good if your working out at a home gym and have limited equipment. The workout is done four times per week and takes less than one hour to complete, sometimes you can do a workout from start to finish in as little as thirty minutes.

The diet is based mostly on eating a high amount of calories as this is the most important element in gaining weight. Jeff shows you what are the most calorie dense foods and the best times to eat them for maximum gains. Protein and fat intake are also discussed as is the correct balance between them.

In Hardgainer Project X Jeff Anderson gives great insight into supplementation for hardgainers. He recommends some great products and shows you how to get them dirt cheap. He does not believe that higher priced products are better quality and does not recommend any big name brands. The other thing that I think is great is that he doesn’t push you to take anything at all. You can get the same results without any supplementation whatsoever.

Overall, Jeff Anderson has done a great job in producing Hardgainer Project X and giving insight after insight on the best ways for a skinny guy to gain weight and muscle definition fast.

Source by Simon James Phillips

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