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Here Are 10 Ways to Enhance Your Lifestyle

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Lifestyle enhancement is a marathon, not a sprint. Instead of trying to overhaul every aspect of your routine at once, it helps to break things up into smaller pieces and look for ways to save time, money, and energy. 

For the busy professional, this might mean boosting productivity with software or finding a focusing nootropic, while the aspiring athlete may seek better workout equipment or supplements for performance. No matter your goals, there are ways to level up your lifestyle using products, services, and ideas that make a big difference over time.

In this round-up, we’re highlighting some of the best lifestyle hacks that can give you an advantage in all aspects of life, from communications and tech to health, beauty, and fitness. Don’t miss a beat because you won’t want to miss these tips.

A Better Blueprint for Cell Service Thanks to Navi

From Cleanses to Better Phone Service: Here Are 10 Ways to Enhance Your Lifestyle

Common sense suggests that the best cell phone service plans come from the providers themselves. If you’ve just picked up a new phone, you might as well sign up for the most readily available service then and there, right?

As it turns out, shopping around is always the better move with cell phone service, so sites like Navi let you make quick comparisons like T Mobile vs. Verizon or Android vs. iPhone. The site is designed with a user-friendly look and feel, making it easy and actually fun to shop around for new plans and phones.

We all know how much we rely on our smartphones for work and personal life, so take care of business first and lock in a plan that fits. With Navi’s seamless interface and always-updated info, you can get the best cell plan available and put any other concerns to rest.

A Cleanse You Can Actually Follow Thanks to Dr. Kellyann

From Cleanses to Better Phone Service: Here Are 10 Ways to Enhance Your Lifestyle
Dr. Kellyann

Shifting the focus to health, you might be in need of a full body reset in preparation for spring and summer. Those winter months can be a drag, but a cleanse can kick the system into gear for the warmer weather ahead. 

The tricky part is knowing exactly how to perform a safe and effective cleanse and not taking any unnecessary risks with your health. While you can follow a free guide or recommendations from a podcast, it’s smarter to take a precise approach with a 5 day cleanse from Dr. Kellyann.

By following a cleanse program, you get the extra accountability and exact instructions you need to succeed the first time. There’s no need for guesswork or stocking up on tons of products that don’t serve a clear purpose. 

Instead, just stick to the steps of the program, use the ingredients supplied, and focus strictly on resetting your body and mind. That’s the way a cleanse should be, so give it a shot!

An Infusion of Street Style With CRAFTD

From Cleanses to Better Phone Service: Here Are 10 Ways to Enhance Your Lifestyle

Once you’re on the path to health and wellness, you deserve a dash of style to accent your newfound confidence. However, if you’ve never dabbled in jewelry before, it can be an overwhelming subject to approach.

Do you begin with watches and rings? Stack chains and bracelets to the max? How about piercings or other types of non-traditional accessories? Instead of complicating things, take a step back and simplify. CRAFTD offers the perfect beginner jewelry sets, matching sleek bracelets with a classic Cuban link chain

This way, you don’t have to guess which accessories pair best together—CRAFTD has it handled, at great prices, no less! Not all jewelry is accessible or affordable, but this collection has more than enough to get you started. Just wait until you see what a difference some well-matched jewelry can make.

A Fresh Look for Your Home or Office From Pepper Home

Your home is a reflection of your inner self, and it helps determine how you live each day. A calm and relaxing home base means you can fully unwind when you walk through the door, helping the stress of the outside world melt away. 

Therefore, you’ll want to bring the right influences into your home while adding to the privacy and serenity of your environment. Custom curtains from Pepper Home help you do just that, from the living and dining areas to your bedroom and home office. 

On top of dozens of styles and colors, these curtains are truly customizable, letting you choose a width and the exact length in inches. You can also pick between privacy linings or blackout shades, depending on how much light and visibility you want in the room. 

The site is loaded with helpful tools that streamline the process and make interior design a breeze, even without prior experience. You can even order swatches to see how the patterns and fabrics match your interior so you get things right the first time. These are the curtains you’ve been waiting for, so check out their offerings to see what catches your eye.

A Boost for Health and Fertility From Ovaterra

From Cleanses to Better Phone Service: Here Are 10 Ways to Enhance Your Lifestyle

Fertility health is a top priority when you’re starting a family. The best fertility boosters are natural, meaning nutrition and exercise can’t be beaten. However, you might find that an extra boost from supplementation can be the difference maker in getting pregnant and ensuring the health of your child. 

Ovaterra is leading the way in fertility supplements women trust, offering specialized formulas that support reproductive health. They use researched formulas, including DHEA, CoQ10, and other compounds for women at different stages of pregnancy.

Their prenatal vitamins focus on ovarian health, giving you and your partner the assurance you need for a safe conception and pregnancy. Their formulas are specified by age group, so you know exactly which one to get. 

Ovaterra also offers CoQ10 and vitamin D boosters for men, so you and your partner can make it a true team effort! If you’re planning on pregnancy in the near future, you can count on these supplements to get you there safely.

Beach-Ready Outfits From Solid & Striped for Summer Vacation

From Cleanses to Better Phone Service: Here Are 10 Ways to Enhance Your Lifestyle
Solid & Striped

A well-rounded lifestyle includes fun in the sun every so often, right? Maybe you’ve been working through the winter and saving up for a trip, or you’re finally ready to shed the layers for summer and soak up the rays at the beach or lake.

However you like to take in the sunshine, you should have a good rotation of beachwear and bikini pieces ready to rock at any time. Find your next bikini at Solid & Striped, which offers tons of tops and bottoms in the latest styles and patterns.

These high-quality pieces are built to last and flatter your figure, so check out their selections before you hit the beach. The materials and construction make this swimwear stand out from the pack. Super-soft recycled polyamide and elastane are found in nearly all their items, and the extra lining ensures you stay comfy all day.

If you’re done with bikinis that never seem to meet your expectations, these pieces are sure to go above and beyond.

A Journey You’ll Never Forget Via Captain Experiences

From Cleanses to Better Phone Service: Here Are 10 Ways to Enhance Your Lifestyle
Captain Experiences

While some people enjoy the passive relaxation of a beach day or summer stroll, others have more of a taste for adventure. This could be anything from hiking or rock climbing to adrenaline-pumping activities like skydiving. 

However, fishing is a good intermediate activity that puts you outside your comfort zone while still being manageable and fun for bigger groups. Captain Experiences is a site specializing in these adventures with Galveston fishing charters and many more destinations around the world.

The website is designed with search in mind, so just plug in your nearest city and see what pops up in the engine. You can sort by species if you have your heart set on a specific type of fish, or pick between inshore and deep sea fishing depending on how far out you want to go. 

You’ll see the most popular trips in the area and access reviews from real people with plenty of pictures. You can learn about the captain, the watercraft, and any other features or amenities that will make your trip more enjoyable. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime, whether you’re a first-time fisherperson or an experienced angler.

Comfy and Stylish Cushions From ZGallerie

From Cleanses to Better Phone Service: Here Are 10 Ways to Enhance Your Lifestyle

You’ve already got your custom curtains on the way, but it might be time to add more texture to your favorite chill-out spots throughout the house. What better way to make each room comfier than with designer pillows from the lovely ZGallerie website? 

The company specializes in throw pillows you can easily mix and match from the bed to the couch and your go-to reading nook near the window. You’ll find classic black and brick-red velvet pillows for a minimal look and a huge range of modern and throwback designs from every era.

Most of their offerings are in the standard square 22” format, but you’ll also find lumbar pillows and round pillows of all kinds. In case you were wondering, they also have pillows with tasteful tassels that add sophistication to any space.

These pillows will stay in your collection through the years to come, so invest in your surroundings today.

Combat Fatigue With Super Supplements From L’Evate You

From Cleanses to Better Phone Service: Here Are 10 Ways to Enhance Your Lifestyle
L’Evate You)

True health begins at the cellular level, and scientists are finally figuring out which compounds make our cells more capable and energized. If you think that means adding another capsule to your daily regimen, you’re in luck—superfood greens are effective and taste better than ever. 

Steve Harvey and a team of leading scientists have teamed up to produce some of the tastiest, most power-packed greens supplements on the market in the form of L’Evate You. These vitality daily greens are loaded with thirty distinct superfoods, from organic wheatgrass and spinach to chlorella, alfalfa, and spirulina. 

That’s just the beginning since each serving also has inulin from fruit and beetroot laden with antioxidants. Other proprietary ingredients are designed to boost energy on a cellular level, helping mitochondria function as they should. 

Reviewers are eager to share their L’Evate You stories, reporting more energy, better digestion, stronger immunity, and increased stamina throughout the day. If you make only one addition to your health routine this year, make sure it’s a superfood blend with all the right stuff.

Frames That Fit Your Face and Style From Roka

Glasses should offer a blend of comfort, function, and style. Unfortunately, most frames provide none of the above while costing way too much. 

Roka does glasses differently, with a range of readers, sunglasses, and standard prescription glasses that look great and feel even better to wear. You can sort by function, style, or lens type, then filter further by face shape and frame. 

The site is designed for easy navigation and even lets you filter products by activity type. From typing at the computer to running a triathlon, Roka’s frames won’t fall off, and you’ll hardly notice them due to ultra-lightweight designs. 

Refreshed Dental Health With Terra & Co

If you haven’t yet heard of oil pulling, it’s time to catch up with the new trend! Of course, this practice is far from new, as it’s part of the ancient healing methods of Ayurveda. 

The technique is simple enough, as you swish around oil and extract bacteria from the mouth for ultimate freshness. This Brilliant Black Oil Pulling product from Terra & Co makes the process so much easier, with just a small capful needed to do the job.

Just try oil pulling for a week, and you’ll quickly learn to love the fresh feeling and detoxifying effects. 

Your Lifestyle Reboot Is Within Reach

Despite what you might hear or see in ads, there is no hidden secret or quick fix to a healthy lifestyle. It starts with commitment and requires ongoing discipline, even on the days you don’t want to follow through.

Thankfully, the items on this list are designed to make that daily grind a bit easier, giving you the edge with more energy, a self-confidence boost, or just more pleasant surroundings and style. 

Every bit counts when it comes to lifestyle enhancement, so get on track today and don’t look back!

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