Holographic Tourism

The World of Virtual Reality is expanding into the tourist trade. Most major tourist spots in the world have virtual tours of their cities online and you can peruse much of it from a bird’s eye view online, similar to home shopping and virtual tours. Nearly all-major Universities either have such “Campus Tours” or they are in development to recruit future students and assist in decision-making.

Indeed virtual tourism is a growing industry and it is bringing the world closer together too. With Google’s Satellite photos online on their map search feature, one can see exactly where something is and then zoom in for a closer look.

But what if you could bring the Smithsonian Exhibits and other notable museums around the World into your living room? Could it be possible? Wouldn’t that be the coolest? Well, some visionaries in hologram 3D technologies are working on it right now.

You see, Holographic Technologies are getting closer to becoming reality and soon we can see the data on our computers in 3D, 4D, and 5D. We will enjoy Virtual Reality on our 360 X-Box in our living rooms.

We will communicate via video conferencing with the image of the other people sitting next to us, but not there. All this is on its way and even more, as the applications are endless indeed.

Perhaps the most promising of all Holographic Technologies is in turning your living room into a virtual reality cave with full-motion holographic images, as you tour the Worlds treasures and wonders. Think about this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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