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Learn How to Stop Hunger & Food Cravings in 3 easy steps. If you’re someone who needs to learn how to control food cravings in order to avoid overeating this video will help. Binge eating junk food at night is destroying your diet efforts. Destroy cravings with these 3 tips.

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#1 Recognize the difference between brain hunger and body hunger – 2:13
#2 Staying away from addictive foods – 4:18
#3 Rotating your food sources – 5:29

Today I’m going to give you the three most powerful tips to stop hunger and food cravings once and for all. The third tip i think is the most important so make sure you watch the video all the way through. And I I’m not talking about tips like drinking a lot of water, not skipping breakfast and eating more protein I’m talking about taking an approach that’s actually gonna get you to want to stick to your diet plan. It’s no secret that in almost every study done on dieting most people fail their diet plan in the long run. It’s also true that in each of these studies there’s always a group of people that are able to lose a lot of weight and maintain that weight loss over a long period of time. The reason why some are successful while the majority of people are not has much less to do with things like willpower and laziness and instead has more to do with neuroscience, our individual psychology, and if we’re on the appropriate plan. The same plan will not work for everyone and unfortunately most studies are done comparing people that are all doing a similar type of diet such as a low-carb diet or a low fat diet. So there isn’t much flexibility in those diets. Flexibility is a huge thing that has to be taken into account for a long-term diet. The best diet is the type of diet where you don’t feel like you’re dieting at all. And no that diet is not keto paleo Weight Watchers or vegetarian. I might be great at sticking to paleo but terrible at sticking to Keto and for someone else it might be the other way around. For long term dieting it’s highly individual so it changes from person to person. If you feel like you’re dieting in the sense that you feel hungry all the time, you’re probably fighting biological impulses of hunger, triggering starvation mechanisms in your body, and chances are high that you’re going to binge sooner or later. Eventually you have to find a way to have flexibility in your diet and when I say flexible dieting there’s lots of different things that come to mind like If It Fits your Macros or intermittent fasting for example, but I’m not even talking about that. I’m talking about eventually finding a way to diet without feeling like your dieting. I wanna give you 3 tips right now that are truly incredibly powerful ways to help you keep your diet flexible without thinking about it. Okay so tip number one is to recognize the difference between brain hunger and body hunger. Your body has an actual need for food that needs to be fufilled or else you’ll literally starve. Your mind on the other hand doesn’t have any sort of need for food at all. However, it’s always full of wonderful suggestions of what you can eat to satisfy the physiological feeling of hunger that you’re experiencing. Whenever most of us get hungry especially on a diet our minds don’t think “Oh man, I’m dying for some chicken and broccoli” we think I really want some chocolate, or mac nd cheese, or ice cream. In reality the chicken and broccoli would solve the physical hunger issue much better, but we’re just not wired to think that way while we’re hungry. After we eat its a different story. The mind hunger disappears and we start to see things clearer. The very valuable lesson here is if you make the conscious effort to ignore your mind hunger while feeding your physical hunger, you’ll almost never binge again. What I mean is when you get hungry, and your mind starts saying “all I want is some Doritos” promise your own mind that your going to allow yourself as many Doritos as you want, but only after eating a wholesome meal made of real single ingredient foods. Preferably high in vegetables and protein to fill you up. nine times out of ten you’ll notice that after you eat real food your hunger will go away and you won’t even want the junk food that your mind was desperately begging for. And even if you do still want the Doritos you’re going to have significantly less because your stomach is going to be full of real food. This makes it super important to solve the physical hunger as fast as you can. If you have fresh healthy meals already prepped it makes it easy to not have to use your willpower to battle your hungry mind. Again the speed at which you can kill that body hunger is critical. By identifying the difference between your physical feeling of hunger and your minds suggestions you can effectively

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