Intruders Break Into Texas Home, Grandma Teaches Them A Lesson

Doubting Their Decision

Two masked men had broken into a grandma’s Texan home and only realized their mistake when they saw the woman. They doubted their decision to break into this old lady’s home.

They had broken in, hoping to leave with Grandma Rose’s valuables, but she had something in mind for them instead.

Living Independently

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Grandma Rose’s husband passed away three years ago. She now lived alone in Harris County, Texas, while in her early 60s.

The older woman lived a simple life and enjoyed keeping herself as active as possible. Grandma Rose was used to doing everything independently but had a daughter who helped her now and again. Would Grandma Rose be ready to take care of what happened next?

Increased Danger

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Grandma Rose lived in an area with an increase in robbery thefts. All her surrounding neighbors to extra precautions and installed new security equipment.

She felt persuaded to do something to protect herself too, but she didn’t have a big enough budget for anything fancy like a house alarm. It didn’t make things easy for her, so what did she do?

By Herself

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Grandma Rose had to be careful 24/7, living by herself. She didn’t want any trouble with intruders or to have her belongings stolen. Most importantly, she needed to keep herself safe from harm.

What was there for an old woman to do? Aside from the periodic visits from her daughter and grandchildren, she was alone. She had to keep on high alert and have her eyes peeled, but how effective would that be?

A Tight Budget


The elderly woman found that she couldn’t afford everything she used to anymore after the economic decline. Because she had to prioritize her medicine and utilities above everything else didn’t make things easy.

Her financial situation meant she was susceptible to losing her things to a robbery, and she had to do something about it. She would do something that would surprise all.

Hard Working Woman

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She had spent her life working, having started at the age of sixteen. She continued to work until she was forced to retire in her 50s due to her health problems.

Working on her little garden in her backyard kept her active, but she could not do as much as she once could. As busy as she liked to be, she enjoyed her peace and serenity but soon found herself dealing with the exact opposite.

What She Treasured

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If she were to sell all her goods, she would not make much money, but she treasured everything she had. They held memories within them, reminding her of her life with her loving husband and of the home they shared.

So when two men broke into her house, ready to empty her home of her most treasured items, she had the perfect strategy. Her treasured valuables were worth more to her than her life.

Strong Personality

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Everyone who knew Rose knew she was a headstrong woman and loved her for it, but they also knew her personality could get her in more trouble than they’d like.

The two men snuck into her home, unaware of what they were about to encounter. Grandma Rose was not one to back away in the face of danger, even though she was an elderly woman. Was that wise?

Targeting The Elderly

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Two local men had decided to retrieve valuables from the quiet neighborhoods, targeting homes belonging to the elderly. They thought it would be easy peasy.

They were not expecting what they would find. They would soon pick a far more difficult house than they initially thought.

What They Thought

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They had chosen the wrong house, thinking that no one was home or they would be able to overcome whoever was inside. They thought their plans would go without a hitch.

They thought wrong. Grandma Rose was not one to back down and had something else up her sleeve. Targeting her home would be the biggest mistake of their lives.

Quick Thinking

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The burglars forced their way inside Rose’s house with a crowbar and slowly entered until they reached the living room. They were looking for valuables.

At first, they thought no one was home as it was completely quiet, but the two would soon find out that Grandma Rose had something special prepared for them. As soon as she heard them, she decided to take action.

An Old Lady’s Resolve

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Grandma Rose quickly withdrew to her bedroom, where she had hidden an old gift from her late husband in a box. It was the thing that would save her.

The old woman then headed to the living room and confronted the two men. When they saw her coming at them, the burglars froze on the spot. They thought the old lady must be crazy. But she wasn’t planning on letting anyone take her beloved treasures.


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When Grandma Rose was face to face with the burglars, she pointed something at them and yelled to leave the things and go away. At first, they didn’t see what it was, but then they realized the old lady had a weapon.

The thing is that they were also armed, but once the old lady fired a shot, the two burglars freaked out and started running.

Defending Herself

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The old woman fired several rounds at the suspects while they fled the scene, hitting one of them. The suspect collapsed and passed away in the woman’s front yard.

The other man managed to get away by jumping a fence, and police subsequently initiated a search to apprehend him. Grandma Rose was not harmed in the break-in.

Making The News

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The story of how Grandma Rose defended her home made the news all over the country. People who saw the story being shared on social media congratulated the old lady and said she did the right thing. Rose was still shaken by the event, and she never intended for things to play out like that, considering that one of the burglars lost his life in the process. But when you decide to rob a house in Texas, that’s a risk you must consider.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

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