Mom Passes Out While Playing With 6-Year-Old Son. The Reason Is Heartbreaking

Ignoring The Messages

She let the buzzing and pinging go unnoticed but knew she couldn’t go on like this when the phone calls started coming in. She would have to respond.

She replied to a few messages saying that her son had gotten a hold of her phone. A few were shocked at how tired and malnourished she looked in the picture, but they hadn’t known the truth.

Taking A Photo

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Erica Olofsson was a thirty-year-old social worker and mother to the best kid a mother could ask for named Luke. They lived in San Francisco, California.

Erica managed her time between work and her son while they lived a simple and happy life. When her son snapped a photo that seemed harmless, she was unaware of the implications.

Starting A New Life

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Erica had grown up an independent woman and had proven it by not groveling or wallowing when the relationship with Luke’s father ended. There was no point living in the past.

Alternatively, she and her son started a new life where they would be happy. There was no way of knowing that the happiness wouldn’t last and that chaos would soon fill her home.

Daily Routine

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Her new life became simple with working during the day while Luke was at school. She would leave at four to pick him up, and they’d go home.

They would get comfortable and work on Luke’s homework together before dinner. They watched kid’s films before Luke’s bedtime, and the daily routine suited them. But it wouldn’t always be that way.

A Quick Nap

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That week had included a change neither of them saw coming. It was a calm Sunday afternoon, and they had been playing with Legos when Erica had fallen asleep.

She had only been asleep for a few minutes, but what was done was done. Her son was standing over her with her phone in his hands and a smile when her eyes opened. What did he do?

When She Woke Up

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Erica greeted Luke with a smile and reached for the six-year-old. He crouched down and then curled into her body as they lay on the carpet.

Erica was still sleepy when she took the phone from her son but shot right up when she saw what was on her phone. What had he done?

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