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My journey at Simplyweight so far

How it started…

Let us start from the beginning of my journey. I joined Simplyweight in 2019 as a digital marketing apprentice. The job vacancy was a blessing from God as I had been struggling for the past year to find an apprenticeship at all! Countless interviews and setbacks by shady employers made the process difficult and were feeling put off by the apprenticeship search.

I had a call from the college which was promoting an apprenticeship role at a home lighting company and was willing to join this company as I had no other options left. Was not interested during the interview call either. During the call, the college tutor happens to mention another available apprenticeship vacancy.

When the words “medical weight management” were spoken, my mood instantly improved. The tutor goes on to explain further how the company works, and its services, the team and I asked him the name of the company and he said “Simplyweight”. I was instantly saying to the tutor that “yes, I want an interview at Simplyweight as soon as possible” and the tutor was able to set up pretty quickly.

The journey had not started yet, this was only starting the engine and getting the map ready for the first 3 years of my journey at Simplyweight!

Working as an apprentice

Nervous and very shy, I started my apprenticeship on 13th May 2019. This was my first ever job (still is my first job) and I knew I was at a very special company the first time I stepped into the office. As I had never actually worked and only completed work experience sessions, I did not know what to expect for work. It was new to me like an elderly person trying to work a smartphone; I was clueless.

However, I was grateful for this role and was thanking God (and still thanking God) for finding me a job as I worried for many months thinking I would stay unemployed for the rest of my life. I was introduced to my mentor (and 2 years later, after having an epiphany, realise she was my role model in life too) Kiruthika. She took on the role of training me during my apprenticeship and to say she goes the extra mile is an understatement, she goes the extra light year!

My time as an apprentice was an interesting experience. Kiruthika was by my side teaching me and providing me feedback and it was not always smooth sailing. Repeated mistakes by myself were made many times but Kiruthika would not give up on me. However, I was receptive to feedback and criticism and took it in a positive light.

This is something I learned early on from the team at Simplyweight. Kiruthika, Kala, and Dr. Rajeswaran are very supportive and understanding. They have many years of experience helping people transform their lives and the same practices they use with their patients, they use with their employees.

As an apprentice, I was fine doing the bare minimum and having the attitude that something cannot be done. I would not take the initiative of doing things myself and learning how to do something when unsure. Kiruthika, Dr. Raj, and Kala taught me over time that I should never give up on something and always try and attempt. I would get stressed over the simplest of tasks all due to my mind and not thinking clearly.

Kala and Dr. Raj supported me with this and have helped me overcome any sort of stress issues. Kiruthika has provided me with additional support and gone out of her way to help me not be fooled by my mind.

Fooled by your mind? Yes, you cannot let your mind run unsupervised as when it does, it will take control and make decisions for you that you did not mean to make which limits your abilities. Mindsets that are not in control can limit a person’s ability to achieve further success. Past experiences can hamper your mindset and make you think you cannot achieve better. Again, this is your mind fooling you as it is reminding you of what has happened previously and using those reasons against you.

The mind must be controlled by you and only you. Giving up easily or saying you are not good enough is your mind talking and you falling for it is you being fooled by your mind. In these situations, take time out to breathe and relax and only say what you truly mean which comes from your soul, and not your mind.

Where I am now

Despite my many ups and downs, I was able to pass my apprenticeship course. Yay! During the end of my apprenticeship, my mentality had changed and the way I looked at my work and took on new tasks and challenges had completely changed. No longer was I rejecting work or being narrow-minded in situations. I had stopped this poor attitude.

Not thinking before I speak or rushing work to meet deadlines instead of asking for extensions were all mistakes due to me not taking a moment to myself to breathe. All I needed to do was stop at the moment, think about what needed to be done, and continue correctly. Behind this, there was an underlying issue that I needed to find and remove with a surgical knife!

It took me a while to understand the issues I was facing but with continuous support from our Simplyweight team, I am overcoming these issues. It is not easy to overcome certain issues but it is not impossible. Relaxing my mind with reading and Simpeace techniques has helped me improve my mentality and mindset and brought me to where I am today.

Motivation and conclusion

The skills Kiruthika taught me (and still teaches me) are very important as I know I would not get this same experience at another company. She keeps teaching me new skills which I am always thankful for and always appreciates. Continuous support and feedback have helped me improve my work and also myself as a person. Kiruthika is not only my mentor but my role model to who I look up to :).

I know I am part of the best team ever and work at the best company ever, this keeps me motivated and keeps me going. Praise from my peers is always motivating and a special feeling but also, but it shows me that they are proud of me and how far I have come since my first day at Simplyweight.

Although I have made many mistakes on my Simplyweight journey, I have not given up and don’t plan on ever giving up when things go south. We pick up the pieces and keep moving forward.

In weight loss, things may not always go as planned. For example, you are doing everything correctly and following your routine for weight loss; however, one day, you weigh yourself and notice you have gained weight. You could panic in the situation and feel bad about yourself and stop trying to lose weight. Or instead, you could brush it off, stick to your routine and keep going to lose the weight you have gained.

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