Officer Rushes To Car When He Sees Who’s Driving It

A Nerve-Racking Moment 

Dozens of thoughts swirled through Officer Reece’s mind as he walked closer. He had been trained to approach drivers with caution – you never know what can happen on the job.

When Reece got within ten feet of the driver. he shouted clear instructions to the driver. But then he heard crying coming from inside the vehicle, he ran over to the driver’s side door and saw something he would never forget.

A Terrible Month – Mikayla Carter

Jordan Reece of the Jackson Mississippi Police Department had been having a rough few weeks. There had been a higher amount of callouts than usual and Reece liked to handle things the old way as a third-generation cop.

But with everything changing, Reece disagreed with the disciplinary committee. He always got results, but now it seemed they were deemed too extreme.

The Cost

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Many people had called Reece a “cowboy cop.” They called him a reckless cop that charged headfirst into danger before his fellow cops could arrive on the scene.

This meant that Reece had received a warning. But it was only the beginning,  There would be a cost to everything.

Put On Traffic Duty

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With Reece’s nature, once they put him on traffic duty, he couldn’t stand it. Reece was a man of action, now he stood bored out of his mind.

After nearly a week of being on duty, Reece was already cursing the uniform he had to wear. But then he saw a group of teens that looked like they might get into trouble.

It Was A Different Time

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Reece sometimes felt like the world was changing and he was being left behind. Both his father and grandfather were amazing cops that taught him everything he knew.

The teens walking past him decided to record him with their phones. It was clear they were mocking him. He hated that cops got no respect anymore. But it was the comment that the child made that made his blood boil.

Not Happy

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The teen called him a “rent-a-cop.” He stopped in his tracks and stared at him. They just laughed and run in the other direction. Reece was not happy.

He couldn’t help but assume that the video would end up on a meme page or a YouTube video mocking the police. But he forgot about it immediately after he heard some other commotion down the street.

A Drastic Change

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Reece got used to the boring shifts while on traffic duty. He redirected traffic the entire shift and besides the occasional minor bash between cars, nothing happened.

But today was an exception. Reece’s day was about to change in a big way. He jumped into action, his old training kicking in.

The Accident

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Reece sprang into action when he heard someone screaming somewhere behind him. There was a small crowd that had gathered nearby.

He scanned the crowd and saw a car turning the corner down the road. His gut told him there was more to the scene than it appeared.

The Car In Question

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The traffic where Reece was stationed wasn’t too bad, he decided that he could afford to leave his post just for a minute to check the scene. He ran towards where he had seen the car.

He got to the crowd and announced that he was a police officer. A lot of people seemed shaken up like something terrible had happened. Then he saw the car again further down the road, it wasn’t driving in a straight line.

Giving Chase

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Reece felt very exposed. He wasn’t accustomed to following a car on foot. Thankfully, the vehicle was driving suspiciously slow. It was also zigzagging, and there was something obviously wrong with the driver. 

Reece’s heart began to race as the car neared the next intersection. It seemed to be veering onto the pavement. “Watch out!” Reece yelled, praying the people there would move in time.  

The Curb

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Thankfully, the nearby pedestrians noticed it and got out of its way. As the car slowly rolled forward, it sideswiped two vehicles parked on the roadside before stopping. A crowd was gathered now, some people screaming in shock at the scene. 

Reese approached the car cautiously, his heart hammering. He barked instructions for the driver to show himself. All he heard was a person crying. Reece was stunned by what he saw as he reached the driver’s side. 

The Driver

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It was darker now, and Reece had his torch out. Armed with nothing but a whistle, he was grateful that he wouldn’t need his sidearm. 

As he opened the car, the driver hopped out of the driver’s seat, tears streaming down his face. Reece had no idea what to make of the situation. Somehow, a small child had managed to get behind the car’s wheel and had taken it for a joyride. 

Comforting Him

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Reece hadn’t known what to expect. At first, he thought he might be dealing with an intoxicated driver or a fleeing criminal. He hadn’t expected to find a child driving the car. 

The little boy looked barely four years old. He was crying uncontrollably as Reece picked him up and held him close. Comforting the child, he got him to calm down, frantically checking him all over, hoping he wasn’t injured. 

Finding Mom

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Thankfully, the child was uninjured. Given what a dangerous situation it had been, it was a miracle that neither the child nor any pedestrians were harmed. 

After running the vehicle’s plates, Reece was able to contact the child’s parents. His mom came rushing to the scene. She was as surprised as anyone to find her little boy there with her car. 

A Strange Day

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It turned out that the little boy was at home with his mom. She had worked a night shift and was resting while his dad was at work. The resourceful little boy named Kyle had decided to take his mom’s keys and go “vroom, vroom,” as he described it.

After getting the boy home safely, Reece returned to his station, relieved as he laughed to himself. He had learned an age-old lesson that day. In law enforcement, there was no such thing as a dull day. 

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

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