Pat McGrath Labs X Bridgerton II Makeup Collection + Photos

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  • Pat McGrath Labs created the makeup looks for every character on Netflix’s popular Bridgerton show.
  • Recently, the brand launched its second line of Bridgerton-inspired makeup products.
  • I spoke to the show’s makeup artist and recreated the looks with the same products worn by the cast.

We waited over a year for Queen Charlotte and her loyal ton to grace our screens again with Bridgerton season two, and just about now, we’re on our tenth rewatch of the binge-worthy show. If the tear-jerking, racy plotlines weren’t enough to keep your attention hooked, there’s the classical reworking of some of the last decade’s biggest musical hits, and ball gowns that will have you wanting to take your wardrobe back to 1813.

But for me, it’s the Sharma sisters’ enviable glow, Daphne’s powder pink lips, and Penelope’s bright doe eyes that keep me longing to live in a Bridgerton world.

It would be an understatement to say that every single character in the show was glowing, with cheekbones up to the clouds, as a result of Pat McGrath’s highly pigmented, skin-focused makeup line, and the handiwork of the incredibly talented, award-winning makeup artist and hair designer Erika Ökvist and her team.

I recently spoke to Ökvist and, following her advice, recreated my own Bridgerton-esque look with the Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton II products used on the show. As far as the new collection goes, consider me officially sold, my lord.

I started off my Bridgerton makeup look by creating a flawless base with the same products worn by cast members.

Regency Skin lineup from Bridgerton Cast Get the Look


The products used by Pat McGrath Labs on the Bridgerton characters.

Pat McGrath Labs

A flawless finish isn’t possible without the perfect base. It’s all about thin layers rather than caking everything on in one go – that way, a look is buildable and can be taken from day to night.

After my skincare routine, I started by applying Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation in shade Light 1. Known as a cult product in the beauty world for its silky serum-like formula and shade offering, I was so excited to get my hands on a bottle.

The foundation emptied onto my hand quite quickly, and is rather runny in texture, so needs to be applied quickly to avoid mess. Instantly, the foundation blended seamlessly into my skin, and while perfecting my complexion, appeared like I had nothing on at all.

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Concealer in Light 2 is a creamy, velvety textured concealer, and probably one of the most full-coverage I’ve used. The texture sat well on my skin and covered up blemishes quite easily.

I learned a lot from talking to Ökvist about how she prepped the actors’ skin for studio lighting and going from daylight to candlelight. Because studio lighting can add a large amount of shine to the skin, setting powder is an artist’s best friend on set. I doused my face in the Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Setting Powder, shade Light 1 to give my face a matte finish.

Although my skin perhaps looked a little more ‘perfect’ than the sort of look I usually go for (a lightweight foundation and a splash of blush), I loved it, and I am ready to step in if Shondaland is looking for any extras. Hello season three.

Key products used:


Pat McGrath Labs X Bridgerton II Makeup Collection + Photos



Pat McGrath Labs X Bridgerton II Makeup Collection + Photos



Pat McGrath Labs X Bridgerton II Makeup Collection + Photos


Next, Bridgerton makeup artist Erika Ökvist walked me through the eyeshadow and blush used on characters like Kate Sharma and Penelope Featherington.

Side-by-side of writer wearing the Bridgerton x Pat McGrath line on the left and the makeup bottles on the right


Left: The final look; Right: The Pat McGrath Labs products I used.

Mollie Davies/Insider;Mollie Davies/Insider

“I used this on everybody on set, and it’s one of my favorite products,” Ökvist told me of the incredible Skin Fetish: Highlighter + Balm Duo, which is easily my new favorite highlighter. I avoid highlighters these days for fear of looking like a robot from the ’80s, so to find a duo highlighter that glides on effortlessly and has a buildable level of luminosity, well, I didn’t know it was possible.

This is where my look really started to transform, and I began to resemble a long-lost cousin of the Sharma sisters with covetable gleaming skin.

For all of those dancefloor embraces that leave the ladies a little flushed, Ökvist relied on Skin Fetish: Divine Blush in Nude Venus as the go-to product for natural-looking cheeks on Penelope Featherington. Ökvist told me it can be layered to take a look from a daytime promenade through to the evening, when a heated dance leaves you a little flushed.

The Mothership VIII: Divine Rose II eyeshadow palette was instrumental in creating the eye looks of the Sharma sisters, Daphne, Queen Charlotte and Penelope, Ökvist told me. I used Skinshow Rose Opal all over my lid, and blended a bit of Naked Blush into the outer two thirds of my eye. Then, I took a smaller brush and blended Eleganza along the crease to make my eyes a little rounder, and added a pop of Gold Lust 001 in the middle of my eye to make my blues stand out.

Side-by-side of eyeshadow color swatch on writer's arm on the left and the writer wearing lipgloss on the right


Left: Pat McGrath’s Mothership VIII: Divine Rose II eyeshadow palette swatched; Right: How the brand’s Lust: Gloss in Petal looks on.

Mollie Davies/Insider;Mollie Davies/Insider

I finished off my eyes with a small amount of Dark Star Mascara and PermaGel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil in Divine Rose II: BLK Coffee to bring the look alive, but keep it as natural as possible.

Last up was the lips. For me, lip gloss, liner, and lipstick really make a look, as my natural lip color is quite subtle. I applied Lust: Gloss in Heavy Petal, a vibrant rosy pink, to recreate a feminine pink similar to Penelope’s. The gloss has exceptional pigment and doesn’t need lipstick underneath to give it full effect. It can be a little sticky if overapplied but lasts a really long time.

Key products used:


Pat McGrath Labs X Bridgerton II Makeup Collection + Photos



Pat McGrath Labs X Bridgerton II Makeup Collection + Photos



Pat McGrath Labs X Bridgerton II Makeup Collection + Photos



Pat McGrath Labs X Bridgerton II Makeup Collection + Photos


Final thoughts about the Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton II collection

Side-by-side of the writer wearing full-face of Bridgerton x Pat McGrath makeup staged outside


How the final makeup look appears in daylight.

Mollie Davies/Insider;Mollie Davies/Insider

After using a whole face full of Pat McGrath Labs to recreate my own Bridgerton look, I have to say I’m even more of a fan of Dame Pat’s range than I was before.

The Sublime Perfection Foundation, Highlighter + Balm Duo, and Divine Blush have to be my diamonds of the season. Well worth their value, and more, these products can be worn alone, in small amounts, or in built-up layers, to create a variety of finishes and the most flawless-looking skin. While I loved the Sublime Perfection Concealer, the foundation gave such good coverage that I didn’t think it was entirely necessary to use.

If you’re after a glow that will make you the talk of the ton, sure to turn all heads whether it’s your first season or forty-first, then this handful of products from Pat McGrath Labs will elevate your look to the next level.

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