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Skin Care Doesn’t End With Cosmetic Surgery

Getting cosmetic surgery is only half the battle for a more youthful appearance. Cosmetic surgery requires special protection for tender, healing skin — indeed nothing is more crucial to successful cosmetic surgery than properly healing skin. This healing process can be helped along by using the proper skin care products. Just such a product has been developed by Dr. Leon Tcheupdjian at The Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Chicago. Dermagenesis, as its name implies, provides a new beginning for your skin.

Dermagenesis is a topical cream that will help you look younger and feel healthier. It is particularly regarded for its ability to repair damage caused by many cosmetic surgical procedures. Even non-invasive procedures like microdermabrasion and chemical peels require extra care to protect the newly exposed skin and restore its youthful glow.

Based in Chicago skin care products developed by Dr. Tcheupdjian are designed to pamper skin after the shock of plastic surgery. With over twenty-five years in the cosmetic surgery field, no one knows skin like Dr. Tcheupdjian. He is passionately dedicated to improving the field of cosmetic surgery, and the Dermagenesis line is his latest effort to achieve the best possible results.

If you have recently undergone any cosmetic procedures, you would be ill-advised to just slap on any old face cleanser or lotion. The wrong kind of cream could irritate your wounds and exacerbate the healing process. As with any surgery, you would never leap from the table and jump back into your life! You need to take the time to get the right medications and let your body heal.

Why risk irritating your skin and lengthening the healing process? Dermagenesis products are non-allergenic and non-comedogenic and will help heal your skin.

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