Skin Tag

Skin Tags

Skin tags are small benign tumor that forms primarily in areas where the skin forms creases and also on the fold areas of the body, such as the neck, armpits, and groin. The tags are most commonly found in wrinkled skin.

A skin tag is an acquired skin growth that looks like a small piece of hanging skin. It is very common and is often described as bits of skin or flesh-colored tissues that protect from surrounding skin from a small narrow stalk. This type of tag occurs in necks, underarms, eyelids, and under the breast.

The skin having tags appears as slightly wrinkled and irregular surface. It can be either flesh-colored or slightly brown-colored. The size of tags varies from person to person; in some conditions, it can either be flat and pinpoint-sized, or in others it may be as large as a grape.

No special cause is considered that is responsible for having tags on the skin, however, a few factors are suspected, and that is Irritation from the skin if rubbing together and chaffing, a resistance to insulin, and the Human Papilloma Virus.

It is a very common problem that occurs commonly in middle-aged people. They develop in anyone even men or women with age. They can range from 1mm to 5mm in size. Mostly, skin tags don’t cause any problems but they seem ugly and unattractive. Sometimes it may bleed or hurt if you start rubbing them with a cloth.

There is no way to prevent this problem but you can easily get rid of a skin tag if a doctor burns it with an electric needle or by cutting it off with a scalpel or scissors. Another method of Skin Tag Removal is an all-natural Native American remedy that is made from Bloodroot.

This bloodroot remedy was used for thousands of years by many Indian tribes for curing all kinds of skin disorders. Bloodroot is especially effective when used on the skin to remove tags and moles. Its herbal properties are helpful for quickly removing skin tags as soon as overnight.

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