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Stalker Lives In OnlyFans Model’s Attic For Weeks

Hissing Noises And Shattering Shrieks

It was a few hours past midnight when a shattering shriek shook the house. Strange hissing noises had been coming from the attic for days now, and at first, she was convinced it was some harmless animal.

With terror coursing through her veins, she saw it was something much worse. She stared at what loomed just beyond her bed with her heart pounding. For sure, she shouldn’t have replied to that creep’s messages.

How Did She Get Here?

Stalker Lives In OnlyFans Model's Attic For Weeks

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She’d never considered the possibility of everything going this far. It wasn’t her first time dealing with an obsessive fan in her career, and she was convinced she had everything under control.

What happened that night was the culmination of an increasingly dangerous process. She’d been chatting with one of her followers for more than three months. But she’d underestimated how obsessed and deranged this man was.

Being Famous

Stalker Lives In OnlyFans Model's Attic For Weeks


This OnlyFans model had made a name for herself on the daring platform where countless performers post pictures and videos that may be too racy for other social media.

People usually subscribe to this platform at a regular fee, mainly when these models include uncensored versions of their photos. Most models have gained fame on this platform. However, this fame isn’t always a good thing.

The Dark Side Of The Industry

Stalker Lives In OnlyFans Model's Attic For Weeks

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The adult industry is a fast and wild one. Many young and beautiful stars flock to this industry, forgetting the many perils, risks, and temptations bundled up in the package.

What happened to this girl is an example of the dark side of the adult industry. By the time she recognized the menace standing at the foot of her bed, it was too late.


Stalker Lives In OnlyFans Model's Attic For Weeks

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22-year-old Chloe from New Hampshire lived with her mom. She’d been selling her photos and videos on OnlyFans for a few years now, seeing it as the perfect way to make some quick and easy cash straight from her room.

Everything was going great, and she’d garnered quite the following on the platform. She should’ve known that nothing good lasts forever.

Wealth, Success, And Admiration

Stalker Lives In OnlyFans Model's Attic For Weeks

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At her age and without a college degree, Chloe was making more cash than her mom and peers combined. She was already planning her future, looking to buy her first house which most people her age only dream about.

The success, wealth, and admiration came in droves, but it all seemed to fade away when this man walked into her life. She’d regret ever responding to his messages.

A Devoted Fan

Stalker Lives In OnlyFans Model's Attic For Weeks

Mauricio Damian Guerrero – Facebook

A man from Bensalem, Pennsylvania called Mauricio-Damian Guerrero was among Chloe’s fans. The 20-year-old had subscribed to her platform for months. But that wasn’t half of it.

Guerrero was not only a subscriber but one of Chloe’s most loyal fans. He’d bought every photo and video available on Chloe’s page and would always commend her for her work, asking her to post more. But he was more than just a dedicated fan.

The TV Set

Stalker Lives In OnlyFans Model's Attic For Weeks

Alexa Jean Brown

In a twisted way, Guerrero was in love. He was infatuated with Chloe despite not having met her in person and only having exchanged some messages with her.

Chloe never stopped to consider that this fan was obsessed with her. When he asked her for her address to send a TV as a gift, she didn’t think much of it and gave it. The TV arrived a week later. But trouble would soon follow.

Drawing The Line

Stalker Lives In OnlyFans Model's Attic For Weeks

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After the TV, Guerrero kept sending Chloe messages. The messages got more invasive, insistent, and disturbing as the days went by, ultimately rubbing Chloe the wrong way. So she stopped responding to them.

Seeing his messages go unread must’ve been soul-crushing for Guerrero, judging from the deranged plan he set in motion from that moment.

Up At 3 Am

Stalker Lives In OnlyFans Model's Attic For Weeks

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Chloe’s mom started complaining about a strange noise issuing from the attic a few weeks later. The two women didn’t find it concerning at first, excusing it as an animal, like a raccoon and squirrel, lost in there.

But unlike noises that accompany these animals, this one didn’t go away. It’d get louder and eerier at night. One night, it wretched Chloe from her slumber at 3 am. It was then that she discovered with dread what the cause of the noise was.

There Was Someone There

Stalker Lives In OnlyFans Model's Attic For Weeks

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There was a man standing in front of her bed, staring at her! Yelling as loud as her lungs allowed her to, she ran to the bathroom, locked herself in there, and called the police.

A police car arrived at the place quickly, and two officers detained the man. The investigation that was conducted later revealed who he was and how things got to that point.

Stalker’s Scheme

Stalker Lives In OnlyFans Model's Attic For Weeks

Somersworth Police Department

It was Guerrero. He had gone from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire, where he located Chloe’s house easily thanks to the address she gave him. He had stolen the house keys and made a copy for himself.

At first, he used to sneak into the house at night and record videos of Chloe while she was sleeping. He also intended to get back the TV set he had gifted her as a form of payback for her not replying to his messages. But soon, things got even worse.

He Moved In

Stalker Lives In OnlyFans Model's Attic For Weeks


He quickly realized there was an old, dusty attic in the house that neither Chloe nor her mom ever spent time in. So he made a crazy decision.

He started living in the attic, where he would spend multiple days. When the police visited it, they found an air mattress and empty cans of food. But there was something even more disturbing.

Sinister Plans

Stalker Lives In OnlyFans Model's Attic For Weeks

Affilishops Marketplace

Guerrero had also brought a BlueTooth tracking device, which he intended to set up on Chloe’s car to stay informed about her whereabouts at all times. When the girl heard about this, a chill went down her spine.

Luckily enough, he was caught before things got worse. But what was the most outlandish about the whole episode were Guerrero’s excuses for his actions.

Guerrero’s Declarations

Stalker Lives In OnlyFans Model's Attic For Weeks


Guerrero told officers that the woman “wanted a man to be obsessed with her and stalk her.” Of course, Chloe denied it; “he seemed nice at first,” she declared. She couldn’t have ever imagined that things would get that ugly.

“He was released with pretty strict bail conditions,” Deputy Strafford County Attorney Emily Garod told the press. “But it is an ongoing concern of ours, the safety of the victim during the pendency of this case, so that is why we asked for him to be held pending trial.”

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