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Supa Fry Oil: The Ideal Deep Frying Oil for Restaurants

Restaurants prepare a lot of food which means that they tend to use a lot of deep frying oil. For applications such as this, they should consider buying in bulk to ensure that their costs are kept as low as possible without compromising on the quality of their dishes. Although there are different options available, Supa Fry Oil has many advantages that make it the ideal deep frying liquid for restaurants.

Supa Fry Oil is a premium blended oil that is triple refined and is a 100% pure deep frying fat. It has a blend of ingredients that include sunflower, corn, canola, and palm olein. It is a high-quality product that is quite reliable therefore it is perfect for restaurants and takeaway establishments.

It contains antioxidants that enhance the life span of the oil and it contains antifoam which prevents excessive foaming. Restaurants can store it and be assured that it remains fresh and retains its quality for a long time. This is especially useful since you can get Supa Fry Oil in a large 20-liter jerry can. However, you need to store it in the proper conditions to ensure its longevity.

It is best to store it in cool conditions and away from direct sunlight or a heat source. If the storage conditions are ideal, you can store it in a sealed container for 24 months from the date of production.

Physically in appearance, Supa Fry Oil is a clear brilliant yellow and is free from foreign odours and flavours. In addition, this product has undergone quality testing to ensure that it is a reliable product. During the frying test, it proved to have no objectionable smell or odor when it is heated to 180 degrees Celsius. The foam test result is negative, so there is no foam during cooking. Insoluble impurities only amounted to 0.1% maximum.

Supa Fry Oil is quite versatile in its applications therefore it is great to use when cooking, baking, frying, roasting, and in salads. It is high in polyunsaturated and is low in cholesterol, plus it contains omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore it is a healthier option because of its quality blend.

Supa Fry Oil is quality cooking oil that is ideal for restaurants and takeaway establishments that require a versatile and reliable edible oil product. After all, with the right quality ingredients, your dishes will outshine the rest.

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