Teen Self Image

Issues with teen self image also known as body image, which is the way they internally picture themselves, can be a major ordeal particularly during adolescence. Teens and tweens are bombarded by the media leaving them with an unrealistic view of the perfect body. Sometimes this causes them to under appreciate their own abilities and interests. During adolescence their bodies are going through hormonal changes which they have no control over. As they become so preoccupied with their teen self image they, in some cases, develop an eating disorder and have little regard for their developmental health.

Teens have a picture in their minds of what the perfect body is and they try to measure up to that image. If they are are happy with their body shape they generally have a positive teen self image. On the other hand, if they don’t measure up – their teen self image becomes more of a psychological issue. The way teens see themselves and the way they believe that others see them is an emotional reaction. In other words, they change their ideas of their own bodies according to their emotional well being and that of others around them. Adolescent girls are more susceptible to having poor teen self image and developing an eating disorder. They tend to be more focused on appearance giving the impression of self worth. When in reality their teen self image is low and this leads to poor self esteem and the potential for psychological or eating disorders.

Body image is a modern day issue that has slowly developed over the years. There was a time when being thin was a sign of being poverty stricken and of poor health. Clothing has changed the way teens look at themselves. As the newest fashion comes out they want to look good in the newest styles. Along with the change in fashion is our teens lifestyles. Adolescent girls are dating at younger ages than before leading to problems with their teen self image. Magazines, television, and Hollywood have fueled the desire to be more body conscious.

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