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The 101 Best Ever Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes

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It could seem daunting to find vegan recipes that are gluten-free as well: you’ve already cut out animal products and now wheat has to go as well!?!?

But don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than it seems. I’ve found 101 delicious gluten-free vegan meals, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ve got options!

101 Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes | Hurry The Food Up

While a vegan diet is often a choice, a gluten-free diet is a necessity for lots of people. Maybe you have coeliac disease or are gluten intolerant.

Or maybe you’ve just noticed a correlation between eating gluten and not feeling good, and you want to see if eliminating it alleviates your symptoms!

So, what are we cutting out/avoiding to make these recipes gluten-free? Gluten is found in wheat, barley, rye and some oats (you can buy gluten-free oats). It is a protein that is extremely resistant to the enzymes in your digestive tract that break down food.

Some people’s bodies have no problem breaking it down, but for those with coeliac disease, gluten intolerance or a wheat allergy, it causes health problems.

So what ingredients are both vegan AND gluten free?

Carbs: rice, corn and quinoa are all gluten-free and vegan! So while you will have to bid normal pasta farewell, you have options.

Many gluten free pasta and bread alternatives are vegan, but you should always check the label because some use egg as a binding agent in lieu of gluten.

Meat alternatives: Tofu, tempeh, quorn and soy protein are all good to go. Just avoid seitan because that is literally just made of vital wheat gluten! Again, check for use of egg as a binder, but most non-seitan meat alternatives should be fine.

Legumes: legumes as a food group have the seal of approval. A great source of vegan gluten free protein, they will be your best friend.

If you are giving up gluten for IBS reasons, maybe take the legumes slowly though, as they have also been known to…ahem…trouble…sensitive digestive tracts.

Fruit and veggies: all good, pile ’em on!

Milk alternatives: almost all good! Be careful with oat milk as some oats do contain gluten. The carton should specify if it is gluten free or not.

I think that you should be empowered to choose veganism AND respect any medical condition you may have. These recipes will show you how!

Let’s get into the recipes!

You’re going to love these recipes – a gluten free plant-based diet with no compromise on deliciousness or healthiness!

Vegan Gluten-Free Breakfasts

Bonus: amazingly quick, delicious and full of health benefits

What are the health benefits? Is it really a superfood? Which product to buy? How to make an original Brazilian Acai Bowl? All answers inside!

Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUp
Bonus: mega quick, easy, nutritious and so healthy!

This power breakfast inspired by IRONMAN champion Patrick Lange is the perfect vegan way to smash your health targets! One of our favourite vegan-gluten free breakfasts.

Bonus: mega quick, super healthy and so tasty

Deliciously tasty and vegan overnight oats in a jar: High in fibre, great against diabetes and heart disease. Did we mention it’s vegan too?

Bonus: super healthy, refreshing

A fruity vegan smoothie, packed with protein to fuel your day ahead. Love fruit and nuts? Then you’ll love this!

Bonus: warming, filling

A classic homemade Jamaican breakfast made vegan and more nutritious – and bursting with the same sweet and scrumptiously savoury taste!

Protein: 5.8g
Calories: 346kcal
Ready in: 15 minutes
Recipe by: BlueSkyEating
Bonus: comforting, creamy, and completely delicious

A vibrant and delicious breakfast bowl – creamy porridge with warm, gooey strawberries and nourishing coconut.

Protein: 4g
Calories: 152 kcal
Ready in: 25 minutes
Recipe by: TheSimpleGreen
Bonus: incredibly easy, healthy, nutritious and tasty

Enjoy these fuss-free and tasty vegan gluten-free waffles made with oat and quinoa flour. The quinoa adds a wonderful nutty flavour and protein which helps to keep you full during the busy work or school mornings. Make sure your waffle iron/maker is non-stick, otherwise, your waffles may come apart while cooking. For cast iron or other waffles irons, you may need to add a light coating of oil to make sure they don’t stick.

Protein: 4g
Calories: 163 kcal
Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: MyPlantifulCooking
Bonus: tasty, moist, fluffy and naturally sweetened

These super moist and decadent banana date oatmeal muffins are vegan, sugar-free & can be made gluten-free ! Makes a perfect healthy breakfast or snack.

Vegan Gluten-Free Lunches

Bonus: tasty, healthy, quick and high in protein salad

Fitness Lentil Bean Salad. Ridiculously high in protein post-workout salad. 40g per bowl. Ready in 7 minutes. Tasty and effective.

Bonus: quick, nutritious and mega delicious

These tangy chickpea pancakes are vegan and incredibly tasty. Getting them right is easy – just follow our simple cooking steps! One of our favourite vegan-gluten free pancake recipes.

Bonus: quick, beautiful, crispy and so healthy

Asian Tofu Salad, High in Protein, Low-carb and Vegan. A crunchy and colourful mix of delicious vegan foods that look great and taste even better! One of our favourite vegan gluten-free salads.

Vegan Chickpea Winter Salad – Ready in 15 mins

Check out the recipe here

Protein: 17g

Calories: 398kcal

Ready in:15 minutes

Recipe by: Jansen & HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: fresh, tasty and incredibly healthy salad

An animal friendly, fresh and tangy summer salad with some serious health benefits. It’s fresh and new, but still prepped within 15 minutes – awesome!

Bonus: quick, light, crunchy and full of health benefits

High Protein White Bean Salad that’s healthy and vegan. High in fiber, vitamins A, C, E, B2 and B6 as well as iron and calcium. Takes less than 10 minutes.

Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad

Check out the recipe here

Protein: 14g

Calories: 428kcal

Ready in:25 minutes

Recipe by: Jansen

Bonus: healthy, filling, easy to make and exceptionally tasty

Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad – forget fads and so-called superfoods, this is the real deal. Vegan, delicious and rammed with nutrients.

Bonus: fast, super delicious and incredibly beautiful salad 🙂

A beautifully crunchy salad with a mix of rocket leaves, dried fruits, pear and walnuts set this salad above the competition. And it’s vegan too!

Bonus: easy, tasty, healthy and beautiful

Its bright, contrasting colours – the oranges, red and greens. The beautiful mix of un-cool veg that somehow fit together perfectly. Healthy, tasty and a perfect Christmas addition.

Bonus: healthy, tasty, very quick and high in protein salad

Turkish Lentil Salad with a honey mustard dressing. Easy and quick, ready in 7 minutes. Full of fiber, protein and vitamin K.

Thai Quinoa Salad

Check out the recipe here

Protein: 16g

Calories: 469kcal

Ready in:20 minutes

Recipe by: Jansen & HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: fresh, tasty and incredibly healthy salad

Thai Quinoa Salad – Tropical Vibes. A refreshingly light, tasty Asian super-dish with lots of protein, fiber and tropical flavour. Get your summer feeling here.

Pimped Vegan Tomato Soup

Check out the recipe here

Protein: 14g

Calories: 407kcal

Ready in:45 minutes

Recipe by: Timo & HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: easy, filling, tasty, versatile and so flavorful

Show the competition why there’s only one winner with this creamy vegan and vegetarian tomato soup. No dairy, just awesome.

Refreshing Carrot and Apple Salad

Check out the recipe here

Protein: 3g

Calories: 260kcal

Ready in:5 minutes

Recipe by: Hauke’s mum

Bonus: simple ingredients, quick and refreshing salad

Easy Carrot and Apple Salad – just six ingredients that all combo really, really well together. It’s also animal-friendly and super-quick!

Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUp
Bonus: light, tasty, creamy and satisfyingly filling soup

This speedy and roasted creamy corn soup is here to show the world just how much vegan food rocks. Why shouldn’t vegans have all the fun?!

Bonus: light, crunchy

Looking for a light lunch or snack? Try our vegan lettuce wraps, inspired by Korean ssam & filled with crispy tofu!

Bonus: flavourful, filling

In this healthy burrito bowl we’ve got quinoa, avocado, pineapple, tofu and Adobo sauce for a sizzling taste bud fiesta!

Avocado Tomato Salad – A perfect summer salad

Check out the recipe here

Protein: 7g

Calories: 374kcal

Ready in:8 minutes

Recipe by: Dave

Bonus: super fibrous, delicious

This avocado tomato salad is healthy and delicious, perfect for adding to a weight loss meal plan, or just as your new favourite go-to lunch!

Bonus: high protein, super tasty

In this superfood salad red lentils and quinoa are jazzed up with crunchy almonds, tangy olives and creamy avocado.

Bonus: hearty, filling

This protein packed vegan lentil and potato salad is a perfect weight loss recipe. It’s filling, healthy and nutritious, while still tasting amazing!

Bonus: simple, great for meal prep

Indulge with this smoky and savory Buddha Bowl. The combination of smoked tofu, hummus, and turmeric rice makes for a perfect vegan lunch (or dinner!)

Bonus: plant-based, fibrous

This easy (and animal-friendly) lunch and dinner bowl hits all the right spots – grains, greens and a legume! What’s not to like?

Bonus: easy, healthy, nutritious, full of flavor

Smooth and hearty meets sweet and crunchy, this sweet potato and beetroot salad has got it going on!

Bonus: simple, mega quick, surprisingly tasty and tangy salad

This easy green bean salad is ready in a staggering three minutes. Not many lunches can beat that!

Protein: 1g
Calories: 128 kcal
Ready in: 15 minutes
Recipe by: TheSuburbanSoapbox
Bonus: simple, refreshing, light and tasty

All your favorite guacamole ingredients in a big, flavorful salad. Chili Spiced Mango Guacamole Salad recipe is the BEST side dish for summer.

Protein: 13g
Calories: 746 kcal
Ready in: 10 minutes
Recipe by: MoonAndSpoonAndYum
Bonus: simple, quick, spicy and versatile

Super simple, easy, and delicious Sesame Noodles made with wholesome ingredients. Gluten-free, vegan, nut-free and soy-free.

Protein: 4g
Calories: 119 kcal
Ready in: 20 minutes
Recipe by: TheKitchenGirl
Bonus: sweet, spicy, healthy and delicious

Thai Peanut Zucchini Noodles are zoodles quickly sauteed with fresh vegetables and tossed in a delectable peanut sauce. Zucchini pasta is an easy dinner recipe that can be served warm or chilled as a pasta salad for lunch.

Protein: 3g
Calories: 223 kcal
Ready in: 22 minutes
Recipe by: MonicaNedeff
Bonus: super easy, flavorful and delicious

This easy Red Lentil Pasta Salad recipe is vegan and gluten-free. Dressed in an Italian herb dressing and full of Mediterranean flavor!

Protein: 1g
Calories: 118 kcal
Ready in: 45 minutes
Recipe by: TheSuburbanSoapbox
Bonus: simple, fresh, tasty and full of health benefits salad

Simple, fresh, healthy and delicious! This easy Mediterranean Chickpea Salad is quick and easy to make. So perfect for picnics and potlucks!

Protein: 14g
Calories: 520 kcal
Ready in: 23 minutes
Recipe by: MyQuietKitchen
Bonus: simple, zesty, fresh and comfort food

Easy vegan noodles made with ginger, garlic, and tahini. Perfect for busy weeknights or anytime you want simple vegan comfort food. Double the recipe if serving more than 2 or 3 people. Leftovers taste great, too! Gluten-free and easily made oil-free and nut-free.

Protein: 3g
Calories: 237 kcal
Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: NourishPlate
Bonus: quick, delicious and healthy soup

Flavorful curried cauliflower soup is one of the best soups ever because it is made of good-for-your-health vegetables and is ready in 30 minutes or less! Plus, it is vegan and gluten-free.

Vegan Gluten-free Dinner Recipes

Sexy Vegan Lentil Stew

Check out the recipe here

Protein: 16g

Calories: 420kcal

Ready in:30 minutes

Recipe by: Cristina Parés & HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: quick, nutritious and healthy dish, can be stored for a while in the fridge

The sexiest lentil stew you have ever eaten. A nutritional powerhouse, this recipe is here to kickstart your year – and your health.

Bonus: easy, mega delicious, healthy and so good

After a delicious and filling dinner? Try our vegan pho recipe – a healthy Vietnamese noodle soup with crispy tofu topping!

Bonus: simple, legume loaded, filling

After a high protein, high fibre, low calorie vegetarian dinner? Our Mexican bean stew is just the ticket! Try it now!

Bonus: fast, spicy, delicious and so good!

Follow our fool-proof simple cooking steps for the perfect coconut curry lentil soup. Packed with protein, fiber and a high-summer taste!

Dal Khichdi and Kachumber Salad

Check out the recipe here

Protein: 15g

Calories: 337kcal

Ready in:1 hour

Recipe by: Gabriella English

Bonus: tasty, crunchy and simple dish

Dal khichdi is a great weight loss dinner! It’s healthy, light but still filling, and a source of complete protein. Try it now!

Bonus: delicious, healthy, light, creamy

The classic curry takes on a new face with our vegan tikka masala. Full of healthy veg and fragrant flavours, this is sure to win your heart!

Bonus: cheap ingredients, creamy,

So many vegetables, so little time to make. Hit your nutrient and vitamin count for the day with ease. No need to spend loads of time doing it, either.

Bonus: easy, tasty, healthy and warming soup

Easy Curried Butternut Squash and Coconut Soup. A delicious blend of coconut sweetness and curried squash make this an absolute fall treat.

Bonus: crispy, healthy, versatile and delicious both hot and cold!

Healthy vegetarian recipe for gluten-free socca pizza made with chickpea (besan) flour. It’s loaded with plant-based protein, easy to make and a delicious low-calorie treat! An absolute favourite gluten-free vegan recipe and definitely our favourite vegan gluten-free pizza.

Pineapple Fried Rice

Check out the recipe here

Protein: 6.2g

Calories: 383kcal

Ready in:30 minutes

Recipe by: Timo & HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: so easy, mega healthy and yummy dish!

Pineapple Fried Rice. Some food pairings were just meant to be together, and this is one of them. Get your sweet, crunchy and tropical hit right now!

Bonus: easy, delicious, full of health benefits, can be stored for a while in the fridge

Who said meat free recipes can’t deliver? This meatless (aka vegan) chili proves that you can still enjoy your favourite meals, but in a new, animal friendly way.

Bonus: healthy, delicious and full of flavor🙂

An exciting fusion of Pakistani spices combine with crunchy roasted cauliflower in this classically cooked dish.

Bonus: quick, light, warming and comforting soup

Irresistible Pea and Mint Soup, the classic British dish that’s fresh, light and with the promise of summer yet to come!

Easy Cauliflower Curry

Check out the recipe here

Protein: 8g

Calories: 449kcal

Ready in:30 minutes

Recipe by: Lorena & HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: great taste, easy and quick meal 🙂

Our stress-free take on the cauliflower classic. Sweet yet punchy, spicy yet smooth. Perfection is here.

Bonus: simple, delicious and versatile dish

Flavourful Pea Pulao with Lemon. A zesty yet sweet, light but filling rice dish handed down through generations.

Vegan Stuffed Peppers

Check out the recipe here

Protein: 30g

Calories: 615kcal

Ready in:1 hour 20 minutes

Recipe by: Kat & HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: quick preparation, great taste and full of health benefits

Vegan stuffed peppers packed with quinoa – and loads of flavour. Full of protein and with clear instructions in easy steps.

Bonus: tasty, quick and so healthy dish, can be stored for a while in the fridge

This amazing aubergine curry (or eggplant curry) is quick, vegan and soooo tasty. Brought to you by the kings of curry.

Bonus: quick, healthy and satisfying curry 🙂

Ready in 30 minutes and packed full of taste, spice and a fresh lime kick. Delicious, nutritious and it’s even vegan, yaay.

Protein: 11g
Calories: 432 kcal
Ready in: 1 hour 15 minutes
Recipe by: SixHungryFeet
Bonus: really tasty, filling and cheap recipe

Traditional Moroccan Tagine. Such a delicious meal to enjoy during a cold day. Yummy vegetables and chickpeas slow cooked in a spiced broth. Served with a mouth-watering tahini sauce.

Protein: 6g
Calories: 112 kcal
Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: StaceyHomeMaker
Bonus: easy, incredibly flavorful, delicious and crispy dish

Roasted vegan cauliflower steaks coated with harissa and topped with creamy cucumber mint yogurt sauce is a wildly flavorful 30-minute meal to enjoy any night of the week. Serve with cilantro lime quinoa and roasted veggies for a vibrant and filling dinner!

Protein: 10g
Calories: 327 kcal
Ready in: 10 minutes
Recipe by: DebraKlein
Bonus: easy, delicious and protein-rich

Oh, you’re going to crave this delicious vegan recipe. It’s hearty and satisfying, loaded with texture and color and super tasty. A beautiful and tasty way to get your veggies in.

Protein: 19g
Calories: 417 kcal
Ready in: 45 minutes
Recipe by: RunningOnRealFood
Bonus: easy, healthy, flavorful and tasty, can be stored for a while in the fridge

This wonderful lentil salad is full of flavor but so simple to make. Roast the veggies, cook the lentils, mix and enjoy. This salad works well for food prep as the flavors are only better the next day. Enjoy anytime for a hearty, rustic, nourishing meal.

Protein: 15g
Calories: 333 kcal
Ready in: 45 minutes
Recipe by: SkinnySpatula
Bonus: quick, easy, warming, zesty and full of flavour soup

This red lentil potato soup with lemon is vegan, easy to make, and full of flavour. Enjoy a bowl of this nourishing kale and lentil soup on its own or with some crusty gluten free bread for a satisfying meal.

Protein: 6g
Calories: 136 kcal
Ready in: 1 hour 10 minutes (just 20 minutes prep)
Recipe by: KetoVegetarianRecipes
Bonus: easy, creamy, cheesy and healthy

This cabbage gratin is made with roasted cabbage slices, which are then baked in a keto vegan cheese for a hearty keto vegan side dish.

Protein: 3g
Calories: 87 kcal
Ready in: 1 hour 10 minutes (just 10 minutes prep)
Recipe by: BaconIsMagic
Bonus: very easy, so tasty and full of health benefits

A classic French ratatouille recipe that is vegan, gluten-free but has lots of flavour.

Protein: 23g
Calories: 412 kcal
Ready in: 50 minutes
Recipe by: RunningOnRealFood
Bonus: easy to make, full of flavour and packed with nutrition

These delicious and healthy Sriracha Baked Tofu Brown Rice Bowls are a vegan take on Poke bowls. They’re easy to make, customizable with your favourite whole grain and veggie swaps and the ingredients can be made ahead of time if you have a busy week ahead.

Protein: 5g
Calories: 231 kcal
Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: ThatGirlCooksHealthy
Bonus: easy, tasty and filling side dish

A low carb spin on ochro (okra) rice made with cauliflower rice, that is mildly seasoned. This bowl of goodness makes the perfect, healthy side dish for an abundance of recipes.

Protein: 7g
Calories: 177 kcal
Ready in: 45 minutes
Recipe by: PlantProsperous
Bonus: quick and easy, delicious, cheesy and tender dish

A healthy vegan side dish featuring sauteed and oven-roasted vegetables covered in a creamy vegan cheese sauce before baking.

Protein: 15g
Calories: 283 kcal
Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: NourishAndFete
Bonus: simple, fast, nutritious and so tasty

This Chipotle Black Bean Tortilla Soup is easy to make and packed full of smoky, vibrant Mexican flavors. It’s naturally vegan and gluten-free, and ready on the stovetop in about 30 minutes.

Protein: 5.6g
Calories: 133 kcal
Ready in: 1 hour
Recipe by: GoodFoodBaddie
Bonus: very easy, nutritious and mega tasty

Savoury meatballs made with roasted eggplant and mushroom nuzzled in a homemade marinara over gluten-free noodles. This easy vegan eggplant meatballs dish is the ultimate healthy, nourishing, and delicious comfort food.

Vegan Gluten Free Desserts

Bonus: quick, mega tasty and healthy dessert

Cinnamon Baked Pears. They are super simple to make, take only five minutes of preparation, 25 minutes of baking, and always turn out great.

Bonus: simple, quick and so tasty

Our Chia Breakfast Pudding calls for just 5 ingredients. Excellent for all those who don’t like to chow down on a big bowl of oats every morning!

Bonus: simple, super creamy and satisfying dessert

Creamy Coconut Rice Pudding with a tropical kick – super easy to make, a real joy to eat and it’s vegan too! Maybe even better than the “original”?

Bonus: creamy, delicious and no-sugar dessert

Smooth and Creamy Chocolate Avocado Mousse – the truly healthy dessert that ticks all the right boxes. It’s vegan too, but you wouldn’t know it!

Calories: 350 kcal
Protein: 7.5g
Ready in: 25 minutes prep + 5 minutes cook
Recipe by: AnnaBanana
Bonus: super easy, healthy and tasty no-bake dessert

This is an ideal summer dessert, vegan peach tart which doesn’t require any baking! Super smooth and sweet filling on gluten-free crust, topped with fresh summer fruits!

Protein: 8g
Calories: 372 kcal
Ready in: 30 minutes prep and 5 hours chill time
Recipe by:
Bonus: easy, creamy, rich and satisfying

This 8-ingredient, no-bake, vegan chocolate tart will impress your family and is so easy to prepare. Gluten-free and perfect for any occasion.

Protein: 4g
Calories: 314 kcal
Ready in: 55 minutes
Recipe by: BinkysCulinaryCarnival
Bonus: easy, delicious and convenient dessert

Most of our recipes have step by step photos and videos! Also helpful tips so that you can make it perfectly the first time and every time! Scroll up to see them!

Calories: 4.2g
Protein: 375 kcal
Ready in: 40 minutes
Recipe by: BlueSkyEating
Bonus: chewy, sticky, loaded with soft dried fruit and mega satisfying

Amazingly sweet and sticky gluten-free and vegan flapjacks, filled with apricots and topped with melted dark chocolate.

Protein: 4g
Calories: 234 kcal
Ready in: 35 minutes
Recipe by: GoHealthyWithBea
Bonus: mega easy, delicious and so healthy

Autumn is the perfect season for apple cinnamon muffins. Those are absolutely delicious with a nice cup of green tea.

Protein: 5g
Calories: 232 kcal
Ready in: 24 minutes
Recipe by: TheSimpleGreen
Bonus: simple, healthy and tasty cookies

These melt-in-your-mouth vegan gluten-free maple almond cookies are made from a base of organic oat and almond flour and sweetened with Canadian maple syrup. Sprinkled with PRANA Amandine maple almonds, these are an awesome little indulgence!

Bonus: quick, nutritious, naturally sweet and healthy snack

Taking the best from both Indian and British chutneys, this Anglo-Indian is the easiest, quickest and tastiest tomato chutney you’ll find on either continent.

Baba Ganoush – The Father of all Eggplant Dips

Check out the recipe here

Protein: 12.6g

Calories: 617kcal

Ready in:45 minutes

Recipe by: Cristina & HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: smoky, soft and beautifully delicious dip 🙂

Baba Ganoush – (Eggplant Dip / Aubergine Dip) Flatbreads and pitas go perfectly with this beautiful fusion of Arab-Mediterranean cuisines.

Bonus: simple, high in protein, tasty and so versatile

Quick White Bean Spread (vegan pâté). A super fast recipe that works as an appetizer, snack or party dip. Surprise your guests with this awesome spread!

Bonus: mega quick, tasty, nutritious and full of health benefits

Yummy Avocado Hummus – creamy than hummus and tastier than avocado, this easy dip combines the best of both for a delicious snack or great party idea!

Bonus: easy to make, delicious and quick recipe

Red Pesto with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Basil. It’s vegan and only calls for 5 ingredients. Blend in a food processor and out comes a first-class pesto!

Bonus: flavourful, adaptable

Want to learn how to make dukkah? Try our simple recipe for the spice blend you’ll soon be sprinkling on everything!

Protein: 3g
Calories: 269 kcal
Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: ItsNotComplicatedRecipes
Bonus: so easy, crispy, tasty and flavorful

You will love these easily made and flavourful Onion Patties that have a light, crisp batter. Using ingredients you will likely have on hand, I am confident these patties will be popular with family and friends.

Protein: 6g
Calories: 242 kcal
Ready in: 16 minutes prep and 2 hours refrigeration
Recipe by: TheSimpleGreen
Bonus: no-bake, sweet, salty, chewy and portable snack

A naturally sweetened no-bake treat or take along snack when you’re on the road or enjoying a workday break. This recipe comes together simply and offers a healthy dose of omega three from the addition of ground flax seed.

Protein: 1g
Calories: 40 kcal
Ready in: 1 hour 5 minutes (just 20 minutes prep)
Recipe by: ThisHealthyKitchen
Bonus: simple, tasty and satisfying dish

Vegan stuffed mushrooms with Italian style, creamy cranberry risotto. It’s a gorgeous and delicious appetizer, perfect for gatherings of any kind.

Protein: 4g
Calories: 118 kcal
Ready in: 55 minutes
Recipe by: ThisHealthyKitchen
Bonus: crispy, tasty, healthy and so good!

Cauliflower buffalo wings are super flavourful with just the right amount of heat. These bite sized appetizers are perfect for game day and party platters!

Protein: 2g
Calories: 41 kcal
Ready in: 50 minutes
Recipe by: FlavourStreat
Bonus: easy, nutritious, healthy, great for lunch box

Vegetable Frittata: vegan, gluten-free and protein-rich frittatas made with chickpea flour, assorted vegetables and spices. Perfect energising breakfast or on-the-go snack.

Bonus: quick, healthy, high in protein and versatile dish

How To Make Homemade Hummus. A ridiculously easy three minute take on the classic dish. Perfect as a dip or healthy snack to keep you feeling full between meals.

Bonus: quick, nutritious, naturally sweet and healthy snack

Homemade raw energy bars, just the way they should be. No unnecessary added junk, just good, whole ingredients with an awesome taste and burst of energy!

Bonus: mega easy, quick, healthy and nutritious

2 Ingredient Cookies. Just mix bananas and oats and bake them for 15 minutes. Perfect for when you need an energy boost on the go. Enjoy it now:

Servings:12 cookies (roughly)
  • 2 ripe banana
  • 1 cup rolled oats (oatmeal or porridge oats work really well)

  • Preheat the oven to 180°C (360°F).

  • Get a bowl and and mash the bananas until they’re mushy.

    2 ripe banana

  • Add the cup of oats and any of the optional ingredients.

    1 cup rolled oats, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 small handful raisins, 1 small handful walnuts, 1 small handful sesame seeds

  • Stir until everything is nicely mixed.

  • Put baking paper on the tray so the cookies don’t stick. If you don’t have that make sure to grease the baking tray with butter (or olive oil if you’re vegan).

  • To make the cookie shape just grab a spoon and scoop a decent amount from the mixture onto the baking tray like I did in the photo above. It’s super quick and easy.

  • Off it goes into the oven for about 15 – 20 minutes.

  • Done!

Please note that the nutritional information below is for the bananas and oats only and does not include any of the optional ingredients. EQUIPMENT: You just need a solid baking tray and some parchment paper, cool as. Feel free to add any other toppings as you see fit! IF YOU LIKED THIS RECIPE: This was quicker and easier than you thought, right? If you like that style then you need to check out the Banana Egg Pancakes (also just 2 ingredients) or these Cinnamon Baked Pears (3 ingredients). Good food can be so simple. And if you still can’t get enough of oats, then you should start making lots of overnight oats in a jar batches! We’re addicted to them already 🙂 Adapted from The Burlap Bag (brilliant recipe, thanks!!) Please note that the nutritional information below is for the bananas and oats only and does not include any of the optional ingredients.

Nutrition Facts

The 101 Best Ever Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes

Amount per Serving

% Daily Value*

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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Quick FAQs

What can gluten free vegans eat?

Many things! Gluten free grains such as rice, wild rice quinoa and buckwheat. All fruit and vegetables. Many meat alternatives, such as tofu and tempeh. Stay away from seitan though, as that is made with pure vital wheat gluten!

Legumes, such as lentils, beans and chickpeas. Many gluten free breads however some use egg as a binder, so be sure to read the ingredients.

Can something be gluten free and vegan?

Yes! Many things are both vegan and gluten-free: legumes, fruit, veg, rice, tofu, quinoa and plant milks just to start!

Is rice vegan and gluten free?

Yes! All kinds of rice are gluten free and vegan.

Why do vegans go gluten free?

It may be a dietary preference but it may also be because they suffer from Coeliac disease, gluten intolerance or a wheat allergy.

We hope these recipes were helpful! Let us know what you liked best in the comments below 🙂

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