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There is this crazy notion that flexible dieting…Is an all you can eat buffet,…

There is this crazy notion that flexible dieting…

Is an all you can eat buffet, as long as you stay in your calories.

And I know exactly where it stems from.

It stems from lean people posing with high calorie foods to sell challenges.

Because it is a much easier sell than posing with a salad or a chicken drumstick.

The truth of the matter is…

Your health should be the focus.

And to build a healthier lifestyle, there has to be a good percentage of nutrient dense choices.

Does that mean there is no room for treats?

Absolutely not.
That’s not what I am saying.

There will always be room for treats ☺️

And that’s where the flexible mindset comes in.

Knowing that there is room for treats, and being fine with it.

Knowing that a couple of days of calorie dense choices doesn’t mean the end of the journey.

And then also knowing that following those high calorie days up with high nutrient days, things can average themselves out.

I hope that all makes sense?

Disclaimer: I am of firm belief that no foods should be off limits, unless you have an allergy or don’t like the food, but there has to be balance and moderation is key.


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